4 Great Online Mind Map Creator

4 Great Online Mind Map Creator

Mind mapping is an effective way of taking notes, capturing ideas, exploring concepts. Online mind map creator enables you to design and share mind maps more conveniently and quickly. Here just shared 4 great online mind map creator. Choose one from them to organize ideas and information efficiently.

One: Coggle

Coggle online mind mapping maker

Coggle is a collaborative online mind-mapping maker for users to create a mind map easily. Just sign-in with your Google account and click the “+” icon to start your mind map. After entering the main idea of your mind map you can add branches by clicking the “+” icons that appear next to everything you type. All mind maps made by Coggle can be downloaded as PDFs or PNG image files.


  • Create mind maps with colored nodes and branches.
  • Add comments or detailed notes to branches. Markdown also supported.
  • Allow to drag and drop images from the desktop into the mind map. No image limits.
  • Coggle mind maps are also collaborative. Work alone or invite team members.
  • Message team members, leave notes and even chat in real time.
  • Download mind maps as PDF, text, PNG, or mind map (.mm) files.

Two: Text2Mindmap


Text2Mindmap is another web-based mind map creator to offer a great way to turn your typed outlines into mind maps online. To make a mind map, simply type out an outline in the text box. After typing your outline click “draw mind map” to have your mind map created for you.


  • Download mind map as an image or as PDF.
  • Saved maps are available via a unique URL.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are supported.

Three: Sketchboard

Sketchboard online mind map making tool

Sketchboard is also an easy-to-use online mind map making tool. You can integrate Sketchboard with team tools like Slack, Google Drive, HipChat, GitHub, and FlowDock.


  • Real-time collaboration. The free account is limited to 5 users.
  • Create boards with endless drawing space by dragging the canvas area.
  • Mix and match ideas with UML, freehand drawing, mind maps, notes, and roadmap.
  • Comment and annotate while you collaborate with team members.
  • Download Board as SVG, PNG, PDF.

Four: WiseMapping


WiseMapping is an awesome web app for mind mapping without browser plug-ins required, which is fantastic when you don’t know which computers you’ll be using on a given day. You can share, export and publish your mind maps from the app.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
  • Embed mind maps on any website or blog.
  • Collaborate on maps with friends or coworkers.
  • Download and save maps as images, PDF document, or FreeMind file.
  • Import and export mind map files from FreeMind.
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