5 Best Visio Alternatives for Engineering Diagram

Microsoft Visio is definitely a powerful program for creating diagrams.But people tend to look for best visio alternatives for engineering diagram because Visio’s price is too expensive to afford for common users. This article lists out 5 best visio alternatives for your reference.


If you are looking for best visio alternatives for engineering diagram, Edraw will be your first choice. Following are its handy features.

  1. Similar user interfacewith Microsoft Office and fully compatible with it.
  2.  Thousands of built-in drag-and-drop engineering symbol make engineering diagram creatingquick and easy.
  3.  Abundant various pre-designed engineering templates for users to free download and customize contents.
  4.  Smart drawing of it enables users to connect, align and space shapes automatically.
  5.  Users are allowed to insert attachment, notes and even hyperlinks to make flowchart much more resourceful and attractive.

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ConceptDraw Pro

ConceptDraw Pro is another best visio alternatives for engineering diagram. Its features are as follows.

  1. A large quantity of engineering shapes are offered for dragging and dropping. No need to draw it by yourselves.
  2. Hundreds of pre-made templates enable users to start drawing engineering diagram quickly.
  3. Grids, rules and guides are provided to use and users can arrange those objects properly according to the situation.
  4. It supports to export engineering diagrams to many formats, such as image, Html, PowerPoint, PDF and even Visio XML.

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Following reasons make SmartDraw a great visio alternatives to create engineering diagram.

  1. A number of engineering templates are offered for users to customize and create productively.
  2. Automatic formatting and smart connecting lines help users align and space engineering symbols perfectly.
  3. SmartDraw is a cross-platform diagram program which can work on many devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  4. It integrates with Office, which enables users to save engineering diagrams and export to many formats, such as Word, Excel, PPT and images.

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Lucidchart is a clean and efficient program to create engineering diagram. Its following features help it get more populare

  1. A mass of standard engineering symbols are provided for users to drag and drop.
  2. Free pre-made engineering templates are offered for users to edit and share to Lucidchart community for reusing.
  3. Lucidchart enables usersto come together online, work and share in real-time without a single download or system update.
  4. It also supports to export and save engineering digram as PNG, JPG, PDF, VDX

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The last choice of alternatives for engineering diagram should be Creately. It is an offline and Drag-and-drop WYSIWIG based diagramming software.

  1. Hundreds of engineering templates for downloading and editing to suit different situations.
  2. Its real-time collaboration makes any changes made by anybody can be seen in real time.
  3. It supports to import and export many formats, such as Visio, PDF, MS and editable SVG.
  4. It combines ideally with Google Drive and makes share read- only links via emails and social media more conveniently.

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The above are part of best Visio alternatives for engineering diagram. But we are not sure if we have missed out any other goods alternatives. Welcome to share them if you have any good ones!

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