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Genogram Symbols: Essential Visio Alternative Figures for You

What Are Genogram Symbols?

Normally, genogram symbols are used for illustrating different types of family relationships, medical history, and emotional relationships. Unlike a traditional family tree, genograms can further indicate repetitive patterns of behaviors and tendencies. The concept was first pointed out by Murray Bowen in the 1970s. So far, such charts have been widely used in many subjects including psychology, social programmes, education and genetic studies.

Genogram Symbols Overview

You can see a full list of the genogram icons shown below in both single-color and multi-colored forms. Feel free to drag and drop any of these fully editable elements on your drawing board for further edits.

Genogram Symbols Overview

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Visio Electrical Stencils: Incredible Alternatives for Your Projects

Visio electrical stencils are great for your projects. Have you ever tried to find some even more budget alternatives? Here we gonna check out some of the key Visio electrical stencils alternatives.

Basic Visio Electrical Stencils Alternatives

This category includes all the essential icons for a simple electronic program, or for educational purposes. You can find some elements like the Battery, the Fuse in different types, and the Contact etc. Feel free to drag and drop any of them from the built-in resources library to the drawing canvas.

basic Visio Electrical Stencils alternatives

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Cisco Visio Stencils Alternatives: Great Assistants in Doing Network Projects

Cisco Visio Stencils are quite essential to do many professional network diagram projects. Today, we gonna check out some cheaper Cisco Visio stencils alternatives for all the important Cisco sub-categories.

Cisco Visio Stencils Alternatives to Network Topology

The network topology is a useful tool to offer website owners a graphic outline of the logical systems and the device’s status.  You can see many dominant Cisco Topology symbols below such as the Trans Path, the Network Management Appliance, the Content Distribution Manager and more.

Cisco Visio Stencils Alternatives to Network Topology

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Network Diagram Symbols Visio Alternatives for Your Projects

Network diagram symbols make your network projects easy and quick for team communications. Such programs may cover from general computer engineering, such as the APC Visio Stencils Alternatives, to the advanced network system. Today, we gonna check out specific symbols from some world-leading technology firms, such as Amazon, Cisco, and Google.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Symbols

AWS symbols are created by Amazon for enterprise architecture applications, like Cloud Computing, on-demand infrastructure and so on. Normally, AWS symbols have the following main categories: App Services; Database; Deployment and Management; SDKs; Storage Content, and Delivery etc. In reality, you can use these AWS network diagram symbols for a wide range of topics include whitepapers, presentations and more.

AWS Network Diagram Symbols

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APC Visio Stencils Alternatives: Explore More Unknown Ones

APC stands for the American Power Conversion Corporation. It is a company that mainly manufactures, assembles, and tests power supplies (UPS), portable device chargers, device batteries and some other related network products. Currently, APC Visio stencils are popular by network diagram design users. Actually, there are some quite good budget-free alternatives to APC Visio stencils with even wider uses for business, public sector, and personal projects.

APC Visio Stencils Alternatives for Rack Equipment

This section includes all the necessary elements for you to draw a rack equipment. Simply drag and drop some of them on your drawing board. For example, a Server, Router, Power Strip, Switch, UPS, Tape Drive and so on. You can also put a number of elements into a Rack symbol, then adjust the size, color and shadow effect for your project.

APC Visio Stencils Alternatives rack equipment

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