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P&ID Visio Alternative for Linux with Abundant Shapes & Templates

Smart and versatile P&ID Visio alternative for Linux helps chemical engineers create professional P&ID diagrams with just a few clicks.

Introduction of Powerful Linux P&ID Visio Alternative

Edraw P&ID software for Linux is the best affordable Visio alternative to create P&ID diagrams. It provides thousands of unicolor and colorized P&ID shapes for users to drag, drop and edit for free. And all the shapes are grouped into specific categories as a ready reference. Users can get a quick start by editing a pre-made template to save time and energy or enjoy the drawing pleasure by opening a blank drawing page to start from scratch as they wish.

 P&ID software for Linux

System Requirement

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo and More.

Top Features of P&ID Visio Alternative for Linux

Cheap price with lifetime upgrade guarantee makes every penny well spent.

A large quantity of unicolor and colorized P&ID symbols are provided and grouped into different categories for ready reference.

A mass of professionally designed P&ID templates are offered for users to start their drawing quickly if time is limited.

Users are allowed to free design their special shapes with embedded drawing tools if they are not satisfied with built-in ones.

It supports export diagrams to commonly-used file formats which enables users to share their diagrams with just one button.

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio

Edraw VS Visio

Edraw VS Visio 2

Edraw VS Visio 3

Simple Guide on Creating P&ID on Linux 

Edraw provides a simple guide on how to create P&ID on Linux in minutes. Follow it and create your P&ID diagram with 5 drag-and-drop steps.

Step 1. Start the software, go to File menu, point to New > Click Industrial Automation, and then double click the icon of PID type suits you best to open the blank drawing page.

Step 2. Switch to left libraries, drag the P&ID shapes you need from specific category and drop on the canvas, align those shapes with smart blue guidelines. Edit them if necessary.

Step 3. Press Ctrl + 2 to add text boxes and type in contents. Press Ctrl + shift + 2 to resize, move or rotate text box.

Step 4. Navigate to Page Layout, select the theme that matches your topic best from built-in themes.

Step 5. Go back to File menu again, click Save under File tab to save the P&ID diagram as the default .eddx format or hit Export & Send to export it to commonly used file formats for sharing more conveniently.

P&ID Examples

Here list several P&ID examples created by our Linux P&ID Visio alternative.

All the examples it provided are free to download, edit, print and share. Pls feel free to download anyone you like and customize it to your own new P&ID diagram with a few clicks.

Process Control System P&ID

process control systems P&ID


Thermal System P&ID



thermal system pid


Wastewater Treatment P&ID

wastewater treatment pid

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Best Visio Alternatives for P&ID

MS Visio is expensive for you, looking for a visio alternative at lower cost. Edraw Should be what you need. We will walk you through the best visio alternative for P&ID.

Defining P&ID

P&ID, short for piping and instrumentation diagram, is a process documentation representing technical realization of a process by means of graphical symbols, such as the service lines, instruments and controls, valves, and equipment.

Who uses P&ID

  • Piping Designers
  • Instrument Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

Best Visio Alternatives for P&ID —- Edraw

Edraw P&ID Visio Alternative is the best choice to create piping and instrumentation diagram on Mac, Windows and Linux. t has a very responsive and easy to use interface resembling with Visio a lot. Import of Visio and SVG files is acceptable.

pid visio alternative

Key Features:

  • Multiple-platform supported: Windows 7, 8, 10, XP (32 or 64bit), Vista and Citrix; Linux; Mac OS X 10.2 or later (Microsoft Visio only available windows system)
  • A series of symbol libraries dedicated to creating P&IDs.
  • Editable ready-made templates and examples.
  • A package of diagramming solutions including 200 kinds of chart creators including owchart, organizational chart, mind map, network diagram, floor plan, uml diagram,wireframe, infographics, er diagram, cards, certificates and so on .
  • Various export options:  like JPG, PDF, PS, SVG, MS office file, etc.
  • Support opening, viewing, editing Visio vsdx file.
  • Lower price.

Comparison Between Visio and Edraw P&ID Visio Alternative

Vision comparison

Simple Steps to Create A P&ID Diagram via This Visio Alternatives for P&ID

1. Start a P&ID Drawing Page

Start Edraw, from Available Templates, choose Industrial Automation. The templates window on the right will appear five P&ID drawing templates. Choose one based on your own purpose, and double click to open.

pid drawing

2. Add Symbols with Proper Annotation

To add an annotation, go to Home tab, click Text button and drag a text box to type the description.

pid symbol

3. Save and Export

Click File tab, and go to Export & Send. There are many formats available including PDF, Word, Html, Visio, PPT, BMP, EMF, PNG, JPG and much more.





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