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Visio 365 Alternative Tools: Fast Growing Ones You Should Know

Visio 365, which is one of Microsoft diagram software series, is popular for its good design features for daily office uses. Actually, there are some other really good business diagram software with a high price-to-performance ratio. You may not have heard about these names. Don’t worry, let’s check them now together.

Edraw Max

Edraw is a fast-developing brand for different kinds of diagram design. The Visio 365 alternative creator has a series of attractive features for users: the user-friendly dashboard and drawing canvas; rich built-in editable templates, examples, and symbols; handy preset pencil and pen drawing tools to create your own elements; good compatibility with MS Visio and many other formats; auto-create options for various theme style and color etc. All these factors benefit users to draw any kinds of business diagram meetings, presentations, and team communications. One weak point is the searching tool for the preset element Library, which might hard for you to find all the related icons quickly.

Visio 365 Alternative Edraw

Free Download
  • Main Features: Many built-in materials; Auto-switch tools; Good compatibility; Simple user interface
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Price: Free trial available; monthly fee for no more than $8 per user. Non-profit discount available
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3 Great Online PERT Chart Tools for Project Management Better

PERT is an effective project management tool used for planning tasks within a project – making it much easier to schedule and coordinate team members to accomplish the work. In this article, we will introduce you 3 great online pert chart tools for project management better.

01. Creately

creatly pert chart online

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