Wireframe Diagram Software Tool for Mac/Windows/Linux

Easy Wireframe is an excellent cross-platform program to draw wireframes for a website, iOS and Android applications. Get started to create highly interactive web & mobile wireframes with abundant built-in vector symbols, templates, and examples. It will definitely give you a good experience in making a wireframe.

Wireframe Diagram Software – Easy Wireframe

Easy Wireframe is a powerful cross-platform program to draw wireframes for the website, iOS and Andriod applications and provides various tools with the help of which users can easily finish wireframes in minutes. You can draw anything from a quick sketch to a complex design using the tool. It helps the users in the process of creating wireframes with the help of wireframe elements for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows. Furthermore, the software contains plenty of wireframe examples which cover web site, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 and more. You are allowed to pick one of them to get a quick start. You can download and install the application on various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Easy Wireframe is supportive of cloud collaboration.  Besides, you can export your wireframe to various formats like PDF, EPS, Html, SVG, PNG, JPG, and GIF.
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System Requirement

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix
  • 32 and 64 bit Windows
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • Compatible with Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc

Get Quick Started with Exquisite Premade Templates and Examples

In this software, rich template and examples are available. It includes iPhone UI, iPad UI, Android UI, Windows 7 UI, Web Site Wireframe, Conceptual Web Site, and Website Map.  All these templates and examples are well-designed and commonly used. You don’t have to create a wireframe diagram from scratch instead, you can get a quick start with templates. This way you can finish your drawing within minutes.

Wireframe & UI Prototype

Various Stencils of Symbols

In the Libraries of this software lie extensive stencils of symbols including Wireframe, Vector Icons, Touch Gesture, Android UI, IOS 7 UI and so on. All these symbols are editable. You are empowered to alter them to your liking by recoloring, resizing, rotating, filling and shadowing. Several simple actions can help to produce a new diagram.

 Wireframe & UI Prototype Vector Icons

Wireframe & UI Prototype Touch Gesture

website map shapes

Android UI

Build Your Own Gallery

With this software, you are able to upload your local image or build your own shapes. All these images can act as symbols in your drawing for future use. You can create a new gallery to store them.

Wireframe & UI Prototype Tool  Drawing

What Can You Benefit from Wireframe?

  • During the process of the project, wireframe can be used to sketch ideas, verify plausibility, and even estimate time and costs.
  • Developers use a wireframe to ensure they are creating a framework that will accommodate the vision and include the corresponding function and buttons.
  • Writers can use wireframe as a guide to add content to the page.
  • Testers use a wireframe to test if the ultimate product conforms to the previous design.

Share Your Wireframes Everywhere

After the wireframe is finished, you can save it as formats like JPG, PDF, PS, EPS, Office, Html, SVG, and Visio. This way it can be conveniently shared everywhere without concerns about if others have installed Easy Wireframe.

Coordinate with Your Team Member

Easy Wireframe is supportive of cloud collaboration. You can save the finished wireframe on the Team Cloud to share it with the whole team and it’s convenient to inform team workers if any change occurs in the wireframe. This feature will benefit the project a lot.

Start to Design Wireframe and with This Easy-to-Draw Software!

Easy Wireframe requires little investment in time and money and you’ll revise your drawings easily and refine them sooner. It’s the perfect solution for wireframe.