10 Best Mac Wireframe Software

10 Best Mac Wireframe Software

Wireframing is an effective tool for users to understand how an iOS or Android application or website will work. Here we’ve selected 10 of the best wireframe software mac to get you started.


Axure Mac wireframe software

Axure RP is the standard in interactive Mac wireframe software and empowers you to quickly and easily deliver much more than typical wireframing tools. This wireframing program covers sitemaps and various UI elements. Interactive HTML mockups would be designed for both websites and apps. You are able to view your app design on your phone with a built-in share function.

  • Platform: Mac, Windows
  • Price: $29-$99/month

Edraw Max Wireframe Design Software

wireframing software for Mac

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It is a cross-platform wireframing software for Mac, Windows, Linux. With it, you can design a windows UI, plan an iPhone interface or reorganize your website in minutes. Straightforward & drag-and-drop interface, abundant built-in elements, and editable wireframe templates make it much easier than ever to draw different kinds of wireframes. Cloud sync lets you share the ideas with colleagues anytime and anywhere. You also can save completed wireframes as PDF or editable SVG file formats, PowerPoint, Word and any graphics format with only one click.

  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Price: $99/year


Moqups wireframes app

This is a streamlined web-based wireframes app. It is well-designed to take you through the whole process of roughly sketching your wireframes. Built-in massive popular icon sets greatly enrich your design. It gives you the ability to work remotely in the Cloud – anytime and on any device – without the hassle of uploading and downloading files.

  • Platform: Web-based
  • Price: Free-€49/month


justinmind wireframe tool mac

It is another web-based wireframing tool. You can define websites and apps for Web, iOS, and Android with the intuitive & drag-and-drop interface. A rich set of UI elements, from buttons and forms to generics shapes and a range of widgets for iOS, SAP, and Android are available. Thanks to its custom styling feature, you are allowed to add rounded corners, cropped images, color gradients, or import graphics.

  • Platform: Web-based
  • Price:$19/month


OmniGraffle Mac Wireframing program

OmniGraffle is definitely an ideal Mac Wireframing program. Users can quickly bash together website wireframes, diagrams, process charts or page layouts. When you select a document type, this tool makes context-sensitive joins between separate elements, automatically linking lines in diagrams and aligning shapes and elements in wireframes or page layouts.

  • Platform: Mac, iPad, iPhone
  • Price:From $49.99 (standard iOS version)

Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts wireframing application

Lovely Charts is an online, desktop and iPad wireframing application, allowing you to create wireframes fast. One of the best advantages is its function to make assumptions based on the type of diagram you’re drawing and thus streamline the drawing process. With an extensive library of crafted symbols to meet most requirements. Automatic layouts, filter effects, pixel-perfect connections, “Snappable” drawing grid, enhanced text formatting options are also available for you.

  • Platform: Mac, Linux, Windows, iPad
  • Price: Desktop: 59, Online: 29/year, iPad: 3.99


Gliffy Software

Gliffy is also a web-based application that helps you to design website wireframes and more. It uses a drag-and-drop UI with the ability to add boxes, buttons, and lines from the tool shape library to anywhere on the page. Then you can easily add text to create a clear, concise mockup.

  • Platform: Web-based
  • Price:$4.99-$7.99/month per user


Mockflow wireframes tool

It offers a full-featured drag-and-drop editor for drawing user interface wireframes. It includes support for master pages, presentation mode, layers, auto-sizing of canvas, interactivity, icons,… to name a few. Once the wireframes diagram finished, you can export it to a wide variety of formats – Images, MS Word, Adobe PDF and MS PowerPoint. Real-Time editing is also supported. Annotated Comments which is essential for Wireframing as it helps in the seamless communication of ideas.

  • Platform: Web-based
  • Price: Free-$39/month


HotGloo wireframing tool

HotGloo is an online, interactive wireframing tool that makes it easy to wireframe web and mobile sites and to co-work with team members. With it, several users can work on one project at the same time as a team and discuss their work in real time via a chat function.

  • Platform: Web-based
  • Price:$13-$54/month

Website Wireframe


Website Wireframe is an easy and fast web-based tool for building wireframes effortlessly. The key to this tool is the simplicity of usage, lending itself to speed, both in wireframe creation and sharing. It is free to register and use and works in most modern web browsers.

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