3 Best Collaborative Online Diagramming Tool

3 Best Collaborative Online Diagramming Tool

Comparing with other time-consuming desktop diagramming maker alternatives, online diagramming tools are special web-based applications allowing you to draw, edit, save and share diagrams online. No software installation required. Plus, it’s online and completely portable. Especially the collaborative functionality for multi-user action greatly enhances the work efficiency.

Below 3 online diagram drawing tools are highly recommended for you to draw diagrams like the flowchart, network, UML, floor plans, org chart, workflow, value stream mapping diagrams and so on in lightning speed.


Gliffy online diagram drawing tool

What Gliffy can do for you:

  • There are some default Gliffy Templates provided for you to start creating a new diagram.
  • A cool and well-categorized collection of shapes library is provided.
  • Ability to import your own images into the canvas and use them.
  • The Chart (beta) feature: you can use your Google Spreadsheet to create charts and insert the generated charts into your diagram.
  • It maintains a revision history for each diagram that you create. So if you wanna use an earlier version of your diagram, you can revert to an earlier version by using the Revision History option under File Menu.
  • Using the Collaborateoption under the Share Menu, you can send your diagram to your team members (note that they must be a registered user too).
  • Once the diagram finished, you can share the link to social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • You can also export your images to SVG, Gliffy, JPG or PNG format.


Creatly online diagramming maker

Creatly is another smart online diagramming maker that lets you create more than 50 types of diagram including flowchart, wireframe, Gantt chart, organizational charts, UML diagram, network diagrams and more. Its intelligent diagramming engine suggests connectors, does automatic groupings and defines data properties to take the drawing to the next level. Team collaboration is the real ease with Creatly.

What Creately offers for you:

  • You can create different kinds of diagrams like Family Trees, Site Maps, UI Mockups, Story Boards, Value Stream Mapping, Network Diagrams, Infographics etc.
  • It offers you templates that you can use based on the type of the diagram you selected.
  • The Business Shapes, Infographics, Maps, Web 2.0 Widgets, People Shapes, and Silhouettes are worth checking out and can help you to create outstanding diagrams.
  • You are allowed to import files like SVG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, VDX, VSX, VTX and CMDL only.
  • Export Creately diagrams as editable SVGs. Import them into Adobe Illustrator, Inkspace, MS, Visio etc. for modification.
  • Real-time collaboration supported. You can invite anyone to collaborate via email. Changes he/she makes to the diagram can be seen in real-time across Creately Online or Desktop.
  • Inline comments and discussion threads. Select where it needs changes and leave a comment. Supports discussion threads and is perfect for reviews.
  • Full revision history of all changes. Every new save you make is preserved as separate versions which you can access anytime.

Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart online diagramming program

As a powerful online diagramming program, Lucidchart provides an intuitive and collaborative diagramming solution for your entire organization. You can create diagrams and drawings such as flowcharts, network diagrams, UML diagrams like Class, Sequence and Activity; wireframes, etc. It is also built using HTML5 and hence works like a charm on most of the browsers.

What else this online diagram drawing tool offers:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the entire experience.
  • Hotspots in Lucid Chart enables you to create actions which make your diagram interactive in demo mode.
  • The library has a rich set of objects that you can use to create exemplary diagrams.
  • The Group Chat feature helps you to interact seamlessly with your team.
  • Diagrams created by Lucid Chart can be downloaded in PDF, PNG, JPEG, Visio formats.
  • Ready to show off your hard work? Embed the diagram in a wiki, corporate website, or blog and it will automatically update as you make changes in Lucidchart.
  • Robust revision history tracks the development of your document. It shows you who, when, and what—and if you don’t see the why, simply reverse the changes.
  • You can also chat with the team in real time or leave a comment directly in the document. Now everyone is on board and up to speed.
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