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5 Best Visio Alternatives for Engineering Diagram

Microsoft Visio is definitely a powerful program for creating diagrams. However, due to the high price for single users, people tend to look for some best Visio alternatives for engineering diagram. This article will show you the 5 best Visio alternatives for your reference.


If you are looking for best Visio alternatives for an engineering diagram, Edraw will be your first choice because of many handy features.

  1. Similar user interface with Microsoft product. Fully compatible with Visio.
  2.  Thousands of built-in fully editable engineering symbols for you to quickly drag and drop them on your drawing board.
  3.  Abundant various pre-designed engineering templates and examples for users to free download and customize contents.
  4.  Auto-create options let users to easily connect, align and space shapes.
  5.  Easy to insert attachment, notes, and even hyperlinks to make your work much more resourceful and attractive.

edraw Visio Alternative for Engineering Diagram

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Best Visio Alternatives: Top 5 Software for Creating UML Diagram

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standardized modeling language which enables developers to specify, visualize, construct and document artifacts of a software system. And UML diagrams represent static and dynamic views of a system model. Microsoft Visio is a leading program for creating UML diagrams. Nobody will deny the power of Visio but everybody will admit the expensive price makes Visio suitable only for big businesses. Thus many small businesses and individual users are looking for best Visio alternatives for UML diagram with affordable price.

Edraw Max UML Diagram Editor

Edraw can be used as a solid Visio alternative for creating UML diagrams, which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and it’s proved to be the most cost-effective Visio replacement. Easily start your UML diagram with various pre-made templates, or just drag and drop thousands of standard UML symbols to begin creating. Customize the contents you need, and add hyperlinks, notes, or attachments to make the UML diagram more resourceful and attractive if necessary. Edraw makes UML diagram creating become interesting and can be finished within seconds. And it supports to export diagrams to many formats, such as Word, Excel, PPT, PowerPoint, SVG, JPG, Html and even Visio.


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Best Visio Alternatives for Network Diagramming

Network diagramming is one of the primary duties for each administrator. But people tend to look for Visio alternatives for network diagramming because of the expensive price of MS Visio.

Nobody would doubt the powerful diagramming function of Microsoft Visio, but its price makes it only suitable for those big businesses who can afford its price. For people who do not use it frequently, Visio is not a good choice, that’s why people are looking for Visio alternatives for network diagrams. This article lists five popular Visio alternatives which will not break your budget for your reference and hope you can find the one suits you.

Edraw Max Network Diagram Software

If you are looking for a Visio alternative for network diagramming, you’ll have a hard time finding a better option than Edraw Max. Edraw Max is fully compatible with Visio, which lets you import Visio XML file and edit all the lines, colors and text within it. It is a powerful and easy-to-use network diagram program, which enables you to layout your home network, Cisco network, wan network, AWS network and other network graphic visualizations with built-in high-quality symbols very fast. There are thousands of standard and polished symbols for network diagramming, you can not only drag and drop those symbols, you can also create and customize your own symbols.


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Top 5 Popular Free Equivalent to Visio

Microsoft Visio is the leading professional diagramming software. No one doubts its power but this capability comes at a big price. The expensive price makes it only suitable for big businesses. Small teams and individuals users can only look for free diagramming software or cheaper ones.

There is no doubt that Microsoft Visio is a professional vector diagramming software which is well designed and enables people to make complicated things or processes easy to understand by using a series of Visio symbols and Visio templates. With abundant pre-made features, Visio can not only draw professional flowcharts, mind maps, infographics, but also network diagram, org charts, UML diagrams timeline, etc. However, the price of Visio is not that affordable for most common users, which leads to they are looking for the free equivalent to Visio. So this article has searched online and found several free equivalents to Visio. Hope you can find the diagramming software that suits you in this article.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max, which is fully compatible with Visio, should definitely be your first equivalent to Visio. It is a professional but easy-to-use diagramming application and is also a cross-platform diagramming software available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based systems. Thousands of built-in symbols and customizable templates enable you to drag-and-drop symbols and make changes on pre-drawn templates to meet your need with just a few clicks. There is no drawing skill needed at all. And it works smoothly with other diagram programs. You can convert your diagrams to other formats with just a click, such as Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and PNG format. Even Visio XML files are also supportable. All these features make Edraw Max one of the most widely used equivalent for Microsoft Visio and trusted by thousands of big corporations.


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