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Visio Tutorial – How to Make a Marketing Diagram

The Marketing and Charts Diagrams shapes are available under the Business category. In Visio, you can create charts and diagrams for process modeling, SWOT analysis, product life analysis, etc.



Matrix Diagram

Use the Matrix diagram template to create 2-D and 3-D matrix diagrams. Select which kind of matrix diagram you want, drag and drop the shape from the Shape window onto the canvas.



Circular Arrow Diagrams

You can choose the number of arrows to create different circular arrow diagrams.



Product Life Cycle

If you want to analyze the development of a product, Visio can help you make a product life cycle.


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Visio Tutorial – How to Make a Flowchart

Choose and Open a Template

  1. Start your Visio on your computer or open Visio (Web) on your browser. If Visio has been open, select File > New.
  2. Click Flowchart under the search bar and quickly find the templates. You can also select Basic Diagram or Blank Drawing to start from scratch.
  3. When you find the template you want, click on the thumbnail to open the drawing editor window.visio template gallery

Add and Connect Flowchart Shapes

  1. Select a shape in the Shapes window, drag and drop it onto the drawing page directly.
  2. To connect the shapes, click on the Connector on the Tools group of the Home tab. Besides, you can pause your mouse over the shape and click on one of the arrows. A small toolbar will appear with four common shapes.

As you can see from the image below, select the shape you want to use, and it will automatically connect with the right shape.


Add Text to Shapes and Connectors

  1. Double-click to select the shape or the connector.
  2. Type the text on the text boxes. When you begin to edit, the selected shape or connector will be changed into the text editing mode.
  3. When you finish typing, click any empty area of the page or press the Esc key.



In the end, the flowchart is complete. You can also customize your Visio flowchart and there is more you can do with the formatting options in Visio.


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Top Data Visualization Visio Alternatives for Business and Education

Data describes our everyday life and tell easy stories about what we see. Data visualization can also make our business better since visualization brings an interesting presentation to our life. There are many tools including Visio can create data charts, but what are the most competitive choices? Today, let’s check out the great data visualization Visio alternatives!


The first data visualization Visio alternative here allows users to easily create dashboards and reports. What’s more, if you don’t have any technical background, you can still derive the insights of your datasets with the tool. You can also use its cross-database feature to mix data from Excel, Oracle, MySQL, and many other applications. If you have any problems, you can check out the company’s online community for a solution.

data visualization Visio alternative tableau

  • Starting price: Contact the sales team
  • OS: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/Web
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Top Wireframe Design Visio Alternatives for You

A wireframe is a visual mockup that highlights the fundamental structure of your website, app and so on. You can use basic shapes to block out your content. A wireframe is powerful since it can be rearranged conveniently before moving on to a higher-fidelity prototype.

When making a choice for the best wireframe design Visio alternatives, you may consider the cost, effectiveness, and speed. How and where to start? Don’t worry, here we’ve selected 5 of the best wireframe design Visio alternatives for you. Enjoy!


This wireframe design Visio alternative makes interactive prototypes very easy. You can use it nearly for everything, for example, from workflows to high-fidelity usability tests. It also has good online support in forums and tutorial videos for first-time users. Furthermore, you can do projects based on its dynamic panels for animations.

Axure wireframe design Visio alternative

  • Starting price: $29/month/user
  • OS: Windows/Mac
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Latest Visio Flowchart Alternatives for Mac that You Can’t Miss

Are you looking for a Visio flowchart alternative for Mac? Don’t know where to find them? Simply read this article today for all the answer you want!

Visio Flowchart Alternative – Edraw Max

This is a vector-based diagramming software that covers Visio-like features. You can easily create a wide range of flowchart categories like BPMN, data flow, event flow, SDL and many more with editable symbols, built-in templates, and auto-floating connection buttons. The user interface is also similar to Microsoft’s Ribbon. The exporting options are also rich, which include PDF, Html, Word, Visio, PNG, JPG, PPT, EPS, and many other formats.

Edraw Max Visio flowchart alternative for Mac

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