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Six Best Online Flowchart Software

A flowchart effectively explains a complicated process and is frequently used in educational, business and social organizations. And it is not difficult to find online web tools on the Internet to create the process flowcharts free of cost. We’ve just collected six best online flowchart software.


Lucidchart is a powerful online flowchart software that helps you to draw your different kinds of diagrams like a flowchart, wireframe, UML diagrams, network diagrams, mind map, org chart, etc. You can get an easy start with a simple user interface. In addition, its real-time collaboration feature let you work with a team and invites your friends more conveniently. After completing a diagram, you are able to share and publish the files easily with PDF or Image format. Furthermore, this software is cloud-based, it’s compatible with both Macs and PCs. Even LucidChart integrates with Google Apps and helps open Visio documents and edit them on your web browser.

Lucidchart online flowchart software

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Three Best Poster Design Software for Windows

Posters are very useful for advertising and even for making presentations. Here is a list of three best poster design software for Windows. You can use them to make your own posters and present your work.

Edraw Max Poster Design Software

This powerful and printable Poster Design Software for Windows is one of the best software for you to design, customize and print your own appealing poster without graphic poster design skills. Abundant editable poster symbols and templates for users to drag-and-drop and customize.

Edraw Poster Design Software

Free Download


  • Cross-platform with Similar UI with MS Office – Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and similar UI with MS office.
  • Various Editable Symbols – There are more than 10000 pre-made symbols are offered into different groups for uses to fit needs.
  • Customizable Templates & Examples – Ever-increasing templates & examples are available to simplify the design process.
  • New Elements Creation – Easy-to-use drawing tools such as pencil tool, pen tool for users to create their own symbols when they cannot find desired symbols in the shape library.
  • Crop and TrimPictures Freely – Users are allowed to insert the pictures and trim them to any shapes they like with the cropping toolkit.
  • Real-time Collaboration & Convenient to Share – It offers real-time collaboration and also supports saving & exporting posters to different formats for sharing more conveniently.
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Top 4 Awesome Flyer Design Software for Windows

Flyers have become the most commonly-used tool for business promotions. They’re effective, easy to distribute and create lasting impressions. Here we’ve just Listed top 4 awesome flyer design software for Windows.

Edraw Max Flyer Software

Edraw flyer software is a drag-and-drop tool for Windows, it offers various titles, text blocks and other symbols needed for uses. It also provides abundant templates and examples for users to start drawing quickly. And it keeps updating new flyer symbols and templates.

Edraw flyer software Windows

Free Download


  • More than 10000 editable vector flyer symbols are provided and grouped into different categories.
  • Ever-increasing professionally designed flyer templates & examples are available for users to get a quick drawing start.
  • You are able to insert the pictures and trim them to any shapes they like with the cropping toolkit.
  • Preset themes and color bar: change the color of your design in one click.


  • Real-time collaboration and multiple file formats export enable users to collaborate and share with others conveniently.
  • Fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux.


It currently does not support creating flyers on the mobile phone.

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3 Best Newsletter Design Software Mac

Newsletters are a perfect communication tool for any organization, from the person, home, schools to large corporations. Looking for simple yet powerful software for creating newsletters on Mac? This article will introduce the 3 best Newsletter Design Software Mac.

Edraw Max Newsletter Software

edraw mac newsletter software

Free Download

Edraw newsletter software for Mac is a simple but versatile desktop app which offers users a simple drag-and-drop interface and enables you to design your newsletters with just a few clicks. A variety of newsletter elements are provided and classified into different groups of users. Besides, you can get a quick start by creating a new newsletter based on built-in editable newsletter templates. And it is very convenient to share newsletters with others because of its real-time collaboration and multiple file formats import & export. You can also print the newsletter directly or send the files via email.

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Top 4 Clothing Design Software for Mac

There is no doubt that the use of clothing design software has significantly facilitated the works of designers nowadays. Following are a list of the top 4 clothing design software for Mac.

Edraw Max Dress Design Tool

2.Edraw Max Clothing Design Software

Free Download

Edraw Max is basically a 2D vector clothing design program Mac for fashion designing. It comes with a variety of editable templates with 10 models and a rich set of skin colors and tones. You are allowed to sketch fashions upon existing models and use various options to customize the clothes to your liking. It supports saving & exporting fashion design to common formats including Word, PPT, PNG, JPG, PDF, etc, for sharing more conveniently.

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