Best Flowchart Visio Alternative for Linux

Best Flowchart Visio Alternative for Linux

If you are looking for flowchart Visio alternative for Linux, Edraw is what you want. A professional and smart flowchart Visio alternative which works quite well on Linux.

Brief Introduction to Linux Flowchart Visio Alternative

Linux does not support Visio software which makes it has few flowcharting tools options. And Edraw is definitely one of the best choices. It is such a powerful and versatile flowchart maker which is capable of creating various flowcharts, such as BPMN, cross-functional flowchart, data flow diagram, event flow diagram, IEDF diagram, workflow diagram, etc.


Free Download

System Requirement

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo, and More.

Key Features of Flowchart Visio Alternative for Linux

Below are key features of our flowchart Visio alternative for Linux which will explain why Edraw is one of the best flowchart tools for Linux users.

  • It provides a large quantity of free editable standard flowchart symbols for users to drag, drop and customize to different needs.
  • Professionally designed flowchart templates are offered for users to get started quickly and easily.
  • It is such a human-friendly flowchart maker that it prepares a set of drawing tool in case users wanna to free design their special symbols.
  • Inserting various attachments is supported which makes flowcharts rich in contents but tidy in visual effect.
  • Edraw enables users to share their diagrams with others with just one click by exporting diagrams to commonly used file formats.
  • Lifetime upgrade guarantees an affordable price makes each penny well spent.

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio 1

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio 2

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio 3

How to Create Flowchart on Linux

Step 1. Open a Blank Drawing Page

Run Edraw, go to the File menu, click New > Flowchart, then double-click the icon of Basic Flowchart to open a new flowchart drawing page. Or get a quick start by choosing a built-in flowchart example to edit.

Step 2. Drag-and-Drop Symbols  

Switch to left libraries, drag and drop a proper flowchart symbol on the drawing page. Click the floating button to add more symbols or change shapes formats according to your needs.

Step 3. Add Contents

Double click the symbols and add the keywords, then finish the typing by clicking any blank area on the page.

Step 4. Connect Symbols

Click the floating button to connect shapes automatically or choose a proper connector from Connector under Homepage.

Step 5. Choose A Theme

Navigate to Page Layout and choose a theme from built-in themes that match your topic best.

Step 6. Save or Export Flowchart

Users can click Save on File tab to save the flowchart as the default .eddx format, or hit Export & Send under File to export it to commonly-used file formats for sharing conveniently.

Below is the finished flowchart example.

recruitment management flowchart

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