Best iOS Mind Mapping App Alternatives to Visio

Best iOS Mind Mapping App Alternatives to Visio

Sometimes you may feel it could be impossible to finish your task before the deadline, or the poor visual design of your work gonna drives you crazy. Therefore, why not try some free download best iOS mind mapping App alternatives to Visio? Today, we gonna check out the best choices in this field for both students and business professionalists.

Criteria of Best iOS Mind Mapping App Visio Alternatives

Normally, we focus on the following two main aspects:

  • User Groups – whether the app is suitable for users in a wide range of industries/sectors/professional roles etc.
  • Features – the easy of use, the user interface (UI) design, built-in functions, integrations and so on.
  • Others – such as the price-to-performance ratio etc.

Edraw MindMaster

Edraw MindMaster is one of the best iOS mind mapping app that has many features and built-in resources (templates, the Rainbow style, the Hand-drawn style etc.) for users to generate beautiful and effective mind maps, fishbones, timelines, org charts and more. You can do a lot with the application including brainstorming, note-taking, business presentations, SNS and Edraw MindMaster online mind map community sharing etc. The Edraw Cloud service is also powerful for users to sync files to use on iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.

best iOS mind mapping app edraw mindmaster


As one of the best iOS mind mapping app alternatives to Visio, Grafio allows users to make a wide range of diagram and chart categories including mind maps. Apart from the basic operations such as drawing vector-based items, adding connection lines, moving shapes, changing element size and color, sharing and exporting your work, you can even record an audio note to each shape. The application also supports recognizing hand-drawn shapes (rectangles, triangles and so on).

grafio ios mind mapping app


This iOS mind mapping app empowers you to build, share, collaborate and organize information represented as mind maps. It can be quite productive to plan projects or books since you can quickly make nodes, label links, auto-arrange items, add annotations and nodes in groups, connect nodes in different mind maps by dragging and dropping etc. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate too much to do large projects with a set of different maps with CmapTools.

cmaptools ios mind map app


Creately as an iOS mind mapping application has an intuitive and simple user interface and it makes mind mapping and collaboration easy. Teams can discuss problems visually by using the application. Besides, you can also manage all of your revisions, or one-click sharing on the internet. If you were not sure about diagramming, you can start with its built-in easy templates.

creately ios mind map application


This tool is a multi-platform iOS mind mapping app available on iPad, iPhone, and Macbook etc. The user interface is convenient to follow and you can drag and drop items to finish your work. For team projects, you can automatically sync files from the desktop and invite your team members to view, comment or edit your mind maps.

lucidchart for mind mapping


So far, we have checked out all the recent best iOS mind mapping app alternatives to Visio. No matter your personality or work ethic, there is an iOS mind mapping app that can measurably improve your ability to work efficiently. Which one do you like best? Simply go to the iTunes store or the App store on your iPhone to have a try today!

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