Create Visio Stencil Alternatives – A Quick Guide

Create Visio Stencil Alternatives – A Quick Guide

You would probably have tried Microsoft Visio to create simple and customizable stencils. However, there are some other choices with even more built-in diagram design resources can create Visio stencil alternatives. Let’s check out one of them right now!

Similar to Visio, the alternative choice also includes the text editor, basic shapes libraries and the DataSheet option for you to create multiple data graphics whit a single shape, or to create personalizable data graphics to fit your business needs.

Create Visio Stencil Alternatives

Suppose now you need to create some simple label/signal stencils for your business flowchart, but can’t find suitable ones in Visio. What should you do now?

Step 1 – Add Your Shapes

You can directly drag and drop built-in basic shapes from the left-hand library to the right-hand drawing board.

Create Visio Stencil Alternatives add shapes

Step 2 – Group Shapes

First, select all of your shapes, then you can click on the Home>Group to group individual shapes.

Group Shapes

Step 3 – Resize & Recolor Shapes

The third step to create Visio stencil alternative is to click on the shape to change the width or height. You can also change the fill or line color of your shapes.

Resize and Recolor Shapes

Step 4 – Rename Shapes

Now it’s time to add text to your shape. Go to Home>Text to do so.

Rename Shapes

Step 5 – Save Shapes

The final step to create Visio stencil alternatives is to save it for your future uses. Simply do the following steps:

  1. Go to Symbols>Save, then choose the file location and input your file name and click on the Save button. An ede and png format files will be generated on your target save folder at the same time.
  2. Click on the Libraries icon and go to New Library
  3. Right-click the blank area and go to Import Symbol…
  4. Fill in the symbol name, import ede and png files of your symbol, and finally click the OK button.
  5. Now you can drag and drop the saved symbol to your drawing board and edit it!

Save Shapes

Set More Details for Your Visio Stencil Alternatives

If you are working on a large project based on a complex and much detailed diagram or chart, then you may need to include more information for each of your symbols or to set their datasheet features for your to edit conveniently. Here are how to do so:

Define Shape Data

Right-click your symbol, and go to Define Shape Data. Next, you can set the Name, Type (Currency, DateTime, Number, Color, Percentage etc.), Format, Value, and Prompt (additional notes) for your symbol. Once click on the OK button, the main figures will be shown on the right-hand panel>Property section.

Define Shape Data

Set DataSheet Details

The next thing you may do after creating Visio stencil alternatives is to set more data sheet details. Click on your symbol and go to Symbols>DataSheet, then you will see a series of forms showing right below your drawing board. These are the data figures of your current symbol or design element. The Custom Properties section is the Properties section as shown on your right-hand panel. Generally, you can:

  • Adjust a precise Angle/width/Height for your current symbol
  • Protect (lock) the symbol width/height
  • Lock the symbol position at its X/Y axis
  • Lock the Select/Delete/Rotate options for your target symbol
  • Lock the Format/Theme options for your target symbol

If you want to change any of the above details, simply click on one of the options in the Protection section, then replace the default text by 1 (TRUE), 0 (FALSE), or a specific number, and then click on the green tick icon.

Set DataSheet Details

Isn’t It Easy to Create Visio Stencil Alternatives?

Congratulations! You have done all the key jobs. Have a try right now by free downloading the all-in-one diagram design software Edraw Max! Besides, you can try more preset originally designed clip art or symbols for your work.

free clipart software user interface

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