Smart Electrical Diagram Visio Alternative for Linux

Smart Electrical Diagram Visio Alternative for Linux

An affordable electrical diagram Visio alternative for Linux helps those engineers who only support Linux to create their professional electrical diagrams easily and save their cost a lot.

Brief Introduction of Linux Electrical Diagram Visio Alternative

There is limited Schematic diagram software for Linux options for engineers to choose since most of the software does not support Linux except Edraw – the best affordable Visio like products of the electrical diagram which is not only available for Linux but also can work on Windows and Mac. Welcome to download it and enjoy its ease of use for 30 days freely.

electrical diagram linux Edraw Max

Free Download

System Requirement

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo, and More.

Handy Features of Electrical Diagram Visio Alternative for Linux

  • Why does Edraw become one of the best electrical diagram Visio alternatives for Linux? Read below features and you will find the reasons.
  • Edraw is an all-inclusive diagramming tool which is capable of creating not only electrical diagrams but also floor plans, home plans, office layouts, seating plans, etc.
  • Numerous professionally designed electrical symbols and templates are provided for users to start their drawing quickly and easily.
  • Users are allowed to create their special symbols with embedded drawing tools and save those symbols for future use.
  • Users can keep their diagrams rich in contents but still tidy in visual effect by inserting various attachments, noted and hyperlinks.
  • It is quite easy to share diagrams with others since Edraw supports exporting diagrams to commonly used file formats which most computers support.
  • Users can free enjoy a lifetime upgrade guarantee once buying a lifetime license

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio 2

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio 3

Steps to Create Electrical Diagram on Linux

There is no doubt that electrical diagram is the most important thing for building a new house. Clear house electrical plan enables electrical engineers to install electronics correctly and quickly. Below steps will show you how to create electrical diagrams on Linux with Edraw effortlessly.

Step 1. Open A Drawing Page.

Launch Edraw, go to File menu > New, click Floor Plan and open a blank drawing page by double-clicking Electrical and Telecom Plan.

Step 2. Set Drawing Scale 

Go to Floor Plan menu and set the drawing scale according to your own needs in the first option button.

Step 3. Drag-and-Drop Symbols

Drag and drop electrical symbols from left libraries. Edit their colors and dimensions to fit your situations.

Step 4. Select the Theme

Wanna make your electrical diagram more professional? Switch to Page Layout and choose a theme that matches your diagram best.

Step 5. Save or Export the Diagram

Click Save to save your diagram as the default format .eddx or hit Export & Send to export it to common file formats for sharing conveniently is up to yourselves.

 Electrical Diagram Examples

Here attached several examples of created electrical diagram for your reference. For any interest, download and customize them to your own electrical diagrams.

basement wiring plan

electrical plan

home wiring plan

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