Five Amazing Online Timeline Software

Five Amazing Online Timeline Software

Looking for an interactive online timeline software to help you organize information into a linear structure? We’ve just collected five amazing online timeline software for your reference.


 preceden online timeline software

Preceden is a simple but effective online timeline software for businesses, educational or non-profit audiences looking to add engaging timelines. Its user-friendly interface, a wealth of export options, and a customizable appearance along with project planning empower you to create and share timeline in minutes.

  • Seamless visualization of major milestones, dates, and deadlines
  • Biographies, history graphs, corporate planning – all use cases covered with a single tool
  • Layers to group associated events and organize your timeline better
  • Easy sharing (save as PDF, URL, embeddable code, CSV, etc.)
  • A bunch of customization options and abilities to tweak and tune.


capzles timeline maker online

Capzles is a free online timeline software that provides a unique and creative way to build timelines. You are able to design a timeline, blog directly into your timelines, add multimedia, upload stacks of images and much more. You can theme your Capzles, add background music.

  • Capzles is for personal use
  • It was founded in 2007 by Jeff Sherwood
  • It is a web app
  • It supports date ranges



ReadWriteThink timeline allows students to create a graphical representation of an event or process by displaying items sequentially along a line.

  • Flexible structuring by a time of day, date, or event
  • Labels with short or long descriptions and associated images
  • Easy re-arranging of items: add, drag, drop and revise as necessary.
  • Saving and sharing. Users can get back to incomplete work or share the outcome afterward.


myhistro timline online software

MyHistro is a nice online program for creating geo-located interactive timelines. You can create a story and add events that are tagged with the location. you can also link events to Facebook, add quizzes, export as CSV/PDF/DVD, add Google Maps, and more.

  • Add text, video, and images to build a dynamic timeline
  • Mix maps and timelines in a single presentation
  • Convert public timelines to PDF or export to Google Earth format for offline use.
  • Embed timelines into a blog or website for better exposure
  • Co-author events or stories with your friends by sharing a link


sutori timeline maker online

Sutori is a popular multimedia online timeline creation tool. Using myHistro, you can combine maps and timelines seamlessly into one great presentation, convert any public timeline into a personal pdf file, or export it into Google Earth format for offline storage. All completed timelines can be embedded into your blog and websites for maximum exposure.

  • Timeline creation for students and teachers
  • Online quiz feature for better retention and performance assessment
  • Ability to add cross-curricular materials from multiple sources
  • Interaction, collaboration, and annotation tools
  • Multimedia support to enliven your timelines and express complex notions in a different manner
  • Progress tracking, live feedback and monitoring of learners’ timelines
  • Sutori Community gives access to over 100 ready-made timelines on various subjects
  • Sutori bundles – collections of battle-hardened lesson plans and timelines compatible with the Common Core State Standards.
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