Genogram Maker Visio Alternative: Don’t Miss out the Latest Cool Figure

Genogram Maker Visio Alternative: Don’t Miss out the Latest Cool Figure

What Is A Genogram?

A genogram is a type of visual diagram that shows the fundamental details of a family. Such charts are usually used for checking family history, medical status, key family relationships and so on. The main purpose of a genogram is for medical research, family diseases preventions and mental behavior analysis. Usually, you can create a genogram by hand or based on an easy genogram maker.

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What Can A Genogram Maker Do for U?

A professional and handy genogram tool would save you much time thanks to the rich useful functions and features. For example, you can easily set your family genogram charts well organized and aligned by using the auto-create tools. Alternatively, you can quickly drag and drop any of the preset genogram symbols on your drawing board. Furthermore, you can benefit from the built-in Cloud system for teamwork communications. It is also convenient to store your drafts in personal Cloud account. Overall, an effective genogram maker would let you generate clear and innovative genograms even without any prior drawing experiences.

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Genogram Maker Features Overview

The handy genogram program has the following key features:

  • Multi-platform based on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Rich sets of standardized vector-based genogram symbols.
  • Easy-to-use: auto-generate tools and more.
  • Built-in genogram templates for a quick start.
  • Convenient to export/import files to PNG, PDF, JPEG, SVG, Visio, MS Word, PPT, Html, etc.
  • Personal and team cloud system for team collaboration.
  • Easy to switch between different theme, background colors, layout types and more.
  • Available to add supportive materials like notes, attachments, web links and external images for your work.

How About Genogram Symbols?

The genogram maker has many genogram symbols for users from beginners to advanced designers to illustrate different kinds of framework patterns and emotional connections etc. Normally, such symbols can be divided into the following sections: basic ones, emotional relationship ones, medical ones, and family relationship ones.

genogram symbols

Genogram Templates for Your Reference

The genogram maker also includes a series of genogram templates in different structures as below:

genogram template

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