How to Create a Gantt Chart Easily with the Visio Alternative? – Learn Quick Tricks

How to Create a Gantt Chart Easily with the Visio Alternative? – Learn Quick Tricks

Nowadays, different sizes of firms from small business to international enterprises companies are using Gantt charts to tracking massive projects. However, how to create a Gantt chart easily if you want to get rid of those quite expensive and complex Gantt chart software such as Microsoft Project? In today’s article, we will show you the step-by-step guide! Before carry on, let’s quickly see some basic concepts of the Gantt chart.

What is a Gantt Chart? – Key Elements

A Gantt chart shows a set of breakdown scheduled tasks over a certain period based on time span and task sequence. In reality, project managers can easily spot and monitor different tasks to achieve the final goal. Generally, the Gantt chart has the following five key elements:

How to create a Gantt Chart

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  • Task names – which tell you what a task is mainly about, for example, online application development;
  • Taskbars – which shows task details including the start and finish date, the sum-up of working hours, task progress and so on;
  • Relationships – this part includes task priority, task sequence, and task dependencies;
  • Project Milestones – it is in the form of a small diamond-shaped icon to remark major progress of your project;
  • Team Resource Management – this part shows who should do what tasks by using what kinds of materials etc;

Where Did the Name “Gantt Chart” Come From?

Gantt chart has a quite long history in the field of project management tactics. The first man who used charts that similar to Gantt chart was Karol Adamiecki around 1900. Karol succeed in significantly increasing his steel production after using Gantt charts. Later, another businessman, Henry Gantt, improved Karol’s charts and firstly published the Gantt chart model in English-speaking countries. No matter how the structure of Gantt charts changed, the charting process remains the same for users to follow-up progress.

General Construction Project Steps

A typical construction project has the following normal steps:

  • Pre-Construction – this part includes the project approvals, equipment, and capital planning, budget planning, the bidding process and more;
  • Main Construction Process – this is the implementation of the project that covers the budget management, the shutdowns of key utilities, and the clearance of materials etc.;
  • Close-Out – this is the final step of a construction project but sometimes a further review may be required;

How to Create a Gantt Chart? – Easy Steps

Step 1 – Add Tasks

List and name all of your tasks and adding them to your Gantt chart.

add tasks in gantt chart

Step 2 – Set Task Details

Now, you can set starting and finishing date for each task, insert milestones, or decide the time unit and format etc.

set gantt chart details

Step 3 - Decide Task Relationships

Next, you can indent or outdent tasks, set task priority by adding colorful labels, or directly building links between two tasks;

set task relationships

Step 4 – Resource Management

It is also easy to define resources name, category, unit, different types of working hours such as overtime rate and more.

resource management in Gantt chart

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How to Create a Gantt Chart with Advanced Features?

Customize Gantt Chart Style

With the auto-create tool, you can choose from up to 8 various Gantt chart theme options to differ your ongoing projects.

auto change gantt chart theme

Auto-Generate Reports

Budget planning is also a key part in project management, but where to check out your cost reports? Just go to the Report section and then click on the corresponding type to auto-generate reports according to your current Gantt chart.

auto generate cost report based on gantt chart


So far, we have discussed all the bsic ideas of the Gantt chart and how to create a Gantt chart easily. Have a try right now by free downloading the software below!

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