How to Open and Edit Vsdx, Vsd File Formats with a Visio Alternative?

How to Open and Edit Vsdx, Vsd File Formats with a Visio Alternative?

As the increasing demand for Visio alternatives on different operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, you may be wondering how to open and edit Vsdx, or Vsd file formats with a Visio alternative. Today, let’s easily see the answer together!

What are Vsdx and Vsd File Formats?

The Vsdx file format is introduced by Microsoft to replace the older version Vsd and the Visio XML drawing format Vdx. VSDX files are used for saving flowcharts, process diagrams, organizational charts, and so on. VSD files are used for storing connection information for imported data sources. Some other key Visio file formats including Vsdm for Visio macro-enabled drawing; Vssm for Visio macro-enabled stencils; Vstx for Visio templates and so on.

How to Open and Edit Vsdx, Vsd Files with a Visio Alternative?

It’s more than easy to do so by using an all-in-one multi-platform based on a free download diagramming software.

Open Vsdx and Vsd Files

You can directly drag and drop your Visio files to the drawing board to open it. Alternatively, you can go to File>Import>Import Visio File as shown below:

Open and Edit Vsdx, Vsd File Formats

Edit Vsdx and Vsd Files

Now, feel free to make changes to your original Visio file. You can customize the shape colors/sizes, switch image backgrounds, input texts, add connection points between elements, and replace Visio stencils with the built-in editable symbols or icons, etc. For example, in the network diagram below, you can change the shape color by using the built-in auto-create function, or drag and drop a preset network symbol from the Libraries.

Edit Vsdx and Vsd Files

replace a symbol with a Visio alternative

What’s more, in a flowchart, you can show or hide elements by clicking on the small icon right beside the shape. The downward parts/steps will be all automatically hidden.

show and hide elements in a flowchart

Export to Vsdx File Format

Besides, you can export to many different formats including Vsdx, MS Office, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, Html and more. For group projects, you can also share files on the built-in team or personal cloud.

export to vsdx files with a Visio alternative

Have a Try with the Vsdx and Vsd File Format Visio Alternative Right Now!

Simply go for this handy yet professional multi-platform based diagramming software to have a quick start!

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