Linux Visio Alternative for 2018: Be the First to Enjoy Top Brands

Linux Visio Alternative for 2018: Be the First to Enjoy Top Brands

How to find a good Linux Visio alternative? So far, Linux software only accounts for a small proportion of the overall worldwide tools and application. However, it doesn’t mean Linux has lost its competitiveness. Here we gonna check together for the list of Linux Visio alternatives. I’m sure you would love their cool features and functions.

Linux Visio Alternative Edraw Max

Edraw Max is indeed a quite good Linux Visio alternative for different types of diagram design. You can easily find a large number of resources, like floor plan templates, business diagram examples, flowcharts, fashion design elements, network symbols and so on. What’s more, the software has many auto-create tools for you to quickly switch between different diagram theme, background color, connectors and layout types etc. Once finished your creation, you can simply share work on SNS, or export in different formats include Visio. One more advantage is, Edraw Max is multi-language based that cover many EU languages.

Linux Visio Alternative Edraw Max

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As a Linux Visio alternative, Libre Office is free, and it includes many basic needs for the average users. For example, users can create charts and diagrams with the calculate options, set database or edit the vector elements. Besides, the user dashboard is quite similar to MS software style. However, the support for Libre Office could be much better, such as more helpful user guide. Also, the sharing and exporting choices should include more formats.

Linux Visio Alternative LibreOffice


It is another Linux Visio alternative, which is overall easy to use especially for developers. The importing choices include the Excel and XML, and users can export files in many graphics types. You can also try it for different needs, like flowcharts and class diagrams, by using the auto-arrange options. On the other hand, the team could improve the software for a more user-friendly interface both on the desktop and their app version.

Linux Visio Alternative YED


Generally, Dia is an easy-to-use Linux Visio alternative. It is convenient for you to create simple but catchy symbols for instructions. Moreover, the flowchart option allows you to record processes for details. Well, for advanced or experienced users, you may feel DIA is a bit simple for your needs, especially for large size charts or images. Looking forward the team to adding more editable options in the user panel of the software.

Linux Visio Alternative dia


Lucidchart is good at making easy and quick flowcharts. It assists users in sorting any structures or ideas for going from planning to action on your projects. It also integrates well with Google Drive so you can access files from anywhere. However, you may feel a bit inconvenient to connect elements without much space on your drawing canvas. Furthermore, more customization options would be nice for changing different colors and shapes.

Linux Visio Alternative Lucidchart

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