TOP 4 Linux Visio Alternatives for Infographic Design

TOP 4 Linux Visio Alternatives for Infographic Design

As we all know that Microsoft Visio is a good tool for graphic design including infographic creations. However, if you want to get rid of the Microsoft software package and have a standalone design tool, then you may probably find somewhere else. Today, we gonna see the top 4 Linux Visio alternatives for infographic design.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max as a Linux Visio alternative for infographic design is powerful and time-saving with thousands of infographic elements and various templates. You can easily drag-and-drop, edit, draw, print and share in just seconds.

linux visio alternative for infographic design Edraw Max

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Key Features:

  • Easy alteration of chart data for a quick edit;
  • A wide range of editable infographic elements covering from basic shapes to marketing;
  • A large quantity of well-designed editable infographic templates;
  • Offers a set of pencil and pen drawing tools for you to create your own elements and save them to the preset libraries;
  • Easily export/import to different formats or share on SNS;
  • Can be used for Linux packages like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo etc.
  • Support inserting local pictures and crop them to any shapes as you like;
  • Easy to switch between different diagram themes, background colors and more;

Google Drawings is another great Linux Visio alternative for creating infographics and theme-based graphics. Not to mention that the tool has provided users with an engaging way to learn endless possibilities and explore potentials. Overall, this tool offers good simplicity for users to:

  • manipulate shapes;
  • insert elements into a Google Document;
  • drag and drop text boxes between different drawings;
  • make visual connections quickly;
  • incorporate many different media into one static image;
  • attach and embed links;

google drawing for infographics

The Linux Visio alternative is an accessible and responsive cross-platform diagramming tool. It integrates well into Google Drive, Dropbox and some other cloud-based platforms. When you have connected your account to your Google account, you can:

  • save, uploads projects to cloud services;
  • do teamwork simultaneously with members;
  • access to a number of diagram design templates;
  • Move boxes and shapes on the page to adjust your chart, or you can use the styling and formatting tools to edit elements;

draw io for infographic


The final Linux Visio alternative for infographic design Lucidchart has a bit more of a business-focused style. Overall, it is a good choice if you are looking for a web-based alternative to Microsoft Visio. The main functions including:

  • The drag-and-drop web interface;
  • Users to do teamwork in collaboration (e.g. editing or viewing documents);
  • Good integrations, such as exporting and importing to Visio, Jira Core and many more.
  • A free subscription available with limited features and templates;

lucidchart for infographic

Linux Visio Alternatives for Infographic Design Conclusion

So far, we have checked out all these top 4 choices with key selling points. You would surely find out the best infographic design solution for your business or educational uses by using these online or offline tools. Simply free download one of them and have a try right now!

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