Microsoft Visio 2010 Alternative Top Latest Recommendations

Microsoft Visio 2010 Alternative Top Latest Recommendations

Still using the Microsoft Visio 2010 but really wanna get rid of the high price? Wanna finding more good Visio alternatives but don’t know where to look for? You may be confused about all kinds of these questions if you are just a single user like undergraduate students or office ladies. Today we gonna bring to you some of the top recommended alternatives to Microsoft Visio 2010.

Edraw Max (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Edraw Max is a convenient Miscosoft Visio 2010 alternative even for diagram design beginners. It has good Visio compatibility so you can export or import any kinds of MS files easily. Besides, you can also access rich built-in Visio diagram alternatives templates, examples, and Visio symbols for different categories from business diagrams to science subjects. What’s more, if you are not happy with the default choices, you can quickly change theme style, background colors etc. by using the preset auto-create options. The price for the full version is no more than $9 per month per user, and academic discounts are available.

miscosoft visio 2010 alternative edraw max

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LibreOffice Draw (Online)

LibreOffice Draw is one of the most popular Microsoft Visio 2010 alternatives in terms of open source operations. For business projects, you can easily find all the necessary resources and features such as word processor, spreadsheet and presentation slides. The visual user interface is also clear and easy to understand, and like Edraw Max, LibreOffice Draw is compatible well with Microsoft Office. On the other hand, if the backup feature works better then the user experience would be even more excellent.

LibreOffice Draw

Canva (Online)

Here comes another one of my favorite Microsoft Visio 2010 alternatives. It is overall easy to create innovative-looking graphics from scratch or editing based on the built-in rich templates. One more cool thing is you can even upload your own work to Canva to share with worldwide diagram design fans. The weak side is, you need to break up and download again if you are working on some 3D projects with Canva.

Mac Canva Infographic Maker

Lovely Charts (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Online)

As a Microsoft Visio 2010 alternative, the software is especially good for designing different kinds of wireframing on both desktops and for mobile applications. You can easily set your preferred choices for each diagram and then streamline your drawing process. Moreover, some other features like the rich preset resources library, the auto-layout, and the quick formatting are included.

Lovely Charts wireframing application

Justinmind (Windows, Mac, and Online)

The Microsoft Visio 2010 alternative Justinmind is deceptively easy to prototype designs from scratch. It is also convenient to align items or drag and drop symbols based on the intuitive user interface. Also, the live preview feature lets you easily check your work on different operating systems at the same time. All in all, as a professional wireframe maker, you may found it is a bit hard to start with the software at the beginning, but after some practices, you would find its attractive parts.

justinmind wireframe tool mac

Microsoft Visio 2010 Alternatives Summary

Now we have looked at the top list of the Microsoft Visio 2010 alternative recommendations with both advantages and drawbacks. Which one is your favorite choice? Simply go for a free download right now.

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