Microsoft Visio Student Version Alternative – The Unknown Choice

Microsoft Visio Student Version Alternative – The Unknown Choice

Talk about diagramming tools, you may first think of Microsoft Visio. Indeed, it is a powerful piece of software that allows students to do coursework or group project easily. However, after a quick glance at the price of the lifetime Pro version (which close to $600) lets you know that Visio is primarily designed for professional purposes in large-scale enterprises. Therefore, today we gonna look at a good and cheaper Microsoft Visio student version alternative!

Microsoft Visio Student Version Alternative – Edraw Max

Edraw Max has gained increased popularity in Visio alternative market in recent years. You may have noticed that this software has a similar drag-and-drop user interface style to many of the MS products so that you can get started quickly to many handy features. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of Edraw Max is the rich built-in resources (templates, symbols, clip art and more).

microsoft visio student version alternative

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Intuitive Editing Options

The Microsoft Visio student version alternative has various editing tools, such as the preset pencil or pens, auto-change theme style options and more. Therefore, you can do lots of edits easily including customizing texts fonts/colors/sizes; adding local pictures, modifying items brightness or transparency; trimming an image or picture to any shapes without the default background; inserting supportive materials including hyperlinks, attachments, and notes etc.

edraw max auto-create tools

insert supportive materials in edraw max

Cloud Collaborative and Compatibility

For group projects, you can save files on the preset Edraw personal or team cloud account. Moreover, it is also convenient for you to export to different formats including Graphics, PDF, MS Office, and Visio with the easy Microsoft Visio student version alternative.

exporting and importing in edraw max

Built-in Educational Symbols and Templates

The built-in academic resources of the Microsoft Visio student version alternative covers a wide range of subjects: mathematics, business, science, arts, and design etc. Feel free to check out some of the resources below:

Data Charts Symbols and Templates

These ready-to-use editable icons and templates are specifically for data visualization for your mathematics or Economic coursework. For example, you can show the overall GDP growth of a number of different countries by using line charts or using comparison charts to show the relationships between countries.

microsoft visio student version alternative chart symbols

microsoft visio student version alternative templates

Mind Map Templates

Mind maps are normally used for note-taking, business presentations, brainstorming, creative thinking and so on. The Microsoft Visio student version alternative has different types of mind map forms like below:

Mind Map Diagram templates

Science Diagram Resources

By using the Microsoft Visio student version alternative, you can easily analyze the framework of chemistry equations, the mystery of astronomy and space, or the specific structure of animal or plant cells.

Science diagram templates

For geography classes, you can explore different continents and countries by using world maps including Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa etc. For instance, the below United States of America map displays the 56 states from the west to the east covering Texas, Utah, the New York City, the Hawaii and more.

World Map Visio Stencil Alternatives to the USA

Infographic Resources

Educating with infographics are quite fun since they contain many colorful texts and visually appealing shapes like the ones below. Teachers can easily insert any key points they want in the following educational infographic templates or customize their own based on these templates.

Infographics Visio Diagram Alternatives

Inspirational Education Clipart

Clipart can bring much inspiration to our design or work. Here are some of the durable design clipart (kindergarten life, school life, art classes, study accessories and more) to highlight your work!

Microsoft Visio student version alternative clip art

Start Your Work Right Now!

So far, we have checked out lots of educational resources. If you wanna try this Microsoft Visio student version alternative, then simply go for this free download diagram software Edraw Max!

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