Network Diagram Visio Alternative Fully Editable Templates and Symbols

Network Diagram Visio Alternative Fully Editable Templates and Symbols

If you’re looking for well-presented network diagram Visio alternative templates and symbols with full editing options, then don’t miss out today’s article. Here we gonna introduce these resources in different categories including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Cisco network elements and more.

Network Diagram Visio Alternative Templates

This category covers all the popular network diagrams for cloud computing projects such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cisco Network Topology, and some other general types of network diagrams.

network diagram Visio alternative templates

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Network Diagram Symbols

AWS network diagram Visio alternative symbols are generally used for enterprise architecture applications, for example, on-demand infrastructure and more. You can easily find the following AMS symbols categories below: Deployment and Management; App Services; SDKs and Storage Content etc.

AWS Network Diagram Symbols

Azure Network Diagram Symbols

Here are more network diagram Visio alternative elements from Microsoft Azure. You can use the following icons for your any kinds of architectural drafts, internal project diagrams and so on.

Azure Network Diagram Symbols

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Symbols

The GCP network diagram Visio alternative icons here include the Big Data; Google Compute; GCP Identity and Security; Internet of Things; Management Tools and etc. All of these elements cover the usages of big data analysis, intuitive source code collection, the management of personal GCP cloud, and the global databases storage management.

GCP Network Diagram Symbols

Cisco Network Diagram Visio Alternative Elements

General Cisco network diagram symbols cover the parts of router-generic, firewall, wireless router, ATM switch, ISDN switch, the protocol translator, and transport, etc.

Cisco Network Diagram Symbols

Network Diagram Visio Alternative Symbols to APC and Rack Equipment

APC is mainly used in manufactures, assembles and power supplies network products and projects. You can also easily find stencils such as power strips, electronic switch, and servers.

Visio Shapes Free Alternatives to APC and Rack Equipment

Active Directory and LDAP Symbols

This category is about more specifical elements for drawing network system diagrams for different user groups. For example, the Site Link label is for large-scale network systems.

APC Visio Stencils Alternatives active directory

How to Create a Network Diagram?

Besides Visio, you can also try the alternative network diagram software with handy operability, competitive price and good compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. All templates and symbols listed above are included in the software below!

Visio Alternative Network Diagram Software Edraw Max

Free Download Network Diagram Tool

Other Key Features

  • Easy to add supportive elements and connectors based on the drag-and-drop drawing board;
  • Has an intuitive user interface for users to conveniently access different functions.
  • Easy to traceback files in case of malfunctions.
  • Easy to collaborate based on the built-in Team Cloud system.
  • Rich exporting/importing/printing options include MS Visio, MS Office, SVG, JPG, PDF and more.
  • Support multi-languages projects in English, French, German and Japanese.


Now, we have go through all the key categories of network diagram Visio alternative symbols and templates. Surely you would find the best option for you. Feel free to have a try right away!

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