P&ID Visio Alternative for Linux with Abundant Shapes & Templates

P&ID Visio Alternative for Linux with Abundant Shapes & Templates

Smart and versatile P&ID Visio alternative for Linux helps chemical engineers create professional P&ID diagrams with just a few clicks.

Introduction of Powerful Linux P&ID Visio Alternative

Edraw P&ID software for Linux is the best affordable Visio alternative to create P&ID diagrams. It provides thousands of unicolor and colorized P&ID shapes for users to drag, drop and edit for free. And all the shapes are grouped into specific categories as a ready reference. Users can get a quick start by editing a pre-made template to save time and energy or enjoy the drawing pleasure by opening a blank drawing page to start from scratch as they wish.

 P&ID software for Linux

Free Download

System Requirement

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo, and More.

Top Features of P&ID Visio Alternative for Linux

  • Cheap price with lifetime upgrade guarantee makes every penny well spent.
  • A large quantity of unicolor and colorized P&ID symbols are provided and grouped into different categories for ready reference.
  • A mass of professionally designed P& ID templates are offered for users to start their drawing quickly if time is limited.
  • Users are allowed to free design their special shapes with embedded drawing tools if they are not satisfied with built-in ones.
  • It supports export diagrams to commonly-used file formats which enable users to share their diagrams with just one button.

Comparison Between Edraw & Visio

Edraw VS Visio
Edraw VS Visio 2

Edraw VS Visio 3

Simple Guide to Creating P&ID on Linux 

Edraw provides a simple guide on how to create P&ID on Linux in minutes. Follow it and create your P&ID diagram with 5 drag-and-drop steps.

Step 1. Start the software, go to File menu, point to New > Click Industrial Automation, and then double-click the icon of PID type suits you best to open the blank drawing page.

Step 2. Switch to left libraries, drag the P& ID shapes you need from a specific category and drops on the canvas, align those shapes with smart blue guidelines. Edit them if necessary.

Step 3. Press Ctrl + 2 to add text boxes and type in contents. Press Ctrl + shift + 2 to resize, move or rotate text box.

Step 4. Navigate to Page Layout, select the theme that matches your topic best from built-in themes.

Step 5. Go back to File menu again, click Save under File tab to save the P&ID diagram as the default .eddx format or hit Export & Send to export it to commonly used file formats for sharing more conveniently.

P&ID Examples

Here list several P&ID examples created by our Linux P&ID Visio alternative.

All the examples it provided are free to download, edit, print and share. Pls, feel free to download anyone you like and customize it to your own new P& ID diagram with a few clicks.

Process Control System P&ID

process control systems P&ID

Thermal System P&ID

thermal system pid

Wastewater Treatment P&ID

wastewater treatment pid

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