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Visio Genogram Alternative: How to Create An Genogram with Easy Steps

A genogram shows an overall family history with specific symbols to reflect relationships, medical conditions and so on. Usually, genograms are used for identifying potential physical and mental diseases. You can create a genogram by using a pencil, or via a Visio genogram alternative. Here we gonna see together how to do it.

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Genogram Maker for Mac: Enjoy the Latest Visio Alternative

Have you ever heard about the recently recommended genogram maker for Mac? Wanna make full uses of a handy genogram software but don’t know where to find it? Wondering how to create a clear genogram without professional drawing skills? Today we gonna see together some great features of a budget genogram creator Microsoft Visio alternative.

Genogram Maker for Mac: Easy-to-follow User Interface

The software has a  simple and highly flexible dashboard with a series of easy-to-access features: auto-align tools, the drag-and-drop based drawing canvas, buttons for quickly switching between different diagram themes, colors, connector types etc. You can also set to show or hide the right and the top panel for more space.

genogram maker for mac interface

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Genogram Symbols: Essential Visio Alternative Figures for You

What Are Genogram Symbols?

Normally, genogram symbols are used for illustrating different types of family relationships, medical history, and emotional relationships. Unlike a traditional family tree, genograms can further indicate repetitive patterns of behaviors and tendencies. The concept was first pointed out by Murray Bowen in the 1970s. So far, such charts have been widely used in many subjects including psychology, social programmes, education and genetic studies.

Genogram Symbols Overview

You can see a full list of the genogram icons shown below in both single-color and multi-colored forms. Feel free to drag and drop any of these fully editable elements on your drawing board for further edits.

Genogram Symbols Overview

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Genogram Maker Visio Alternative: Don’t Miss out the Latest Cool Figure

What Is A Genogram?

A genogram is a type of visual diagram that shows the fundamental details of a family. Such charts are usually used for checking family history, medical status, key family relationships and so on. The main purpose of a genogram is for medical research, family diseases preventions and mental behavior analysis. Usually, you can create a genogram by hand or based on an easy genogram maker.

genogram maker user interface

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Easy Organizational Chart Visio Alternative for Linux

Are there any alternatives to Microsoft Office Visio for Linux? Edraw Org Chart Creator is a smart choice.

Introduction of Organizational Chart Visio Alternative for Linux

This Visio Alternative is a fast and user-friendly organizational chart design program for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Its automatic alignment and distribution, drag-and-drop features give you great convenience in creating professional organizational charts.

linux org chart visio alternative

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