Top Visio 2013 Alternatives for Diagramming and Graphic Design

Top Visio 2013 Alternatives for Diagramming and Graphic Design

Have you ever tried Visio alternatives before? If the answer is a “No”, why not read to the article here and choose your best Visio alternative? Today, we will go through the top 5 Visio 2013 alternatives for diagramming and graphic design with their pros, cons and key features.

Why Do We need to Select Visio 2013 Alternatives?

The majority of marketing or design managers know that project failure may due to a wide range of problems including poor design quality, few integration options; very limited design resources, etc. In this case, an easy and professional diagramming software such as Microsoft Visio 2013 would help you a lot in many fields: flowcharts, network diagrams, floor plans, Gantt charts, engineering diagrams and more.

However, Microsoft Visio has two main disadvantages when comparing to its alternatives:

  • It is costly to middle or small businesses (the pro version will cost you over $500 for just one copy).
  • The advanced functions in Visio seem only suitable for large-scale firms. Therefore, for basic or general designs, small businesses should better choose Visio alternatives to fit their needs.

What Kind of Criteria Do We Use?

To be covered as one of the Visio 2013 alternatives in this article, the tool had to meet these requirements:

  • Overall easy-to-use: the diagramming software has clear design or tutorials for first-time users;
  • Affordable: the software should have a lower price (monthly or annually) than Visio 2013;
  • Popularity: the software has at least 20 customer reviews on the leading software review platforms (e.g. Capterra or G2Crowd);

Feel free to read on to explore more about all these top Visio 2013 alternatives for your projects.

Edraw Max

As one of the top recommended Visio 2013 alternatives, Edraw Max is a smoothly running choice for more design categories than Visio 2013: business diagrams; card design; engineering diagrams; infographics; mind maps; org charts; science diagrams; UML diagrams, etc. You can also choose from flexible pricing options like subscription licenses, lifetime licenses, educational or non-profit discounts and so on.

Top Visio 2013 Alternatives Edraw Max


  • Initiative user interface design; All editing options are located logically on the drawing canvas;
  • You can easily draw your own symbols or elements by using the built-in pencil or pen tool;
  • Multi-platform based – Windows/Mac/Linux;
  • Good compatibility – export to different formats including Graphics, PDF, MS Office, HTML, SVG, and Microsoft Visio;
  • Multi-languages based;


  • Sometimes not easy to search for the specific symbol in its preset Libraries;
  • For the latest version 9.4, you can’t fill in the element or symbol you have created based on the pencil or pen tool;

Let’s check out another name on our Visio 2013 alternatives list. is an open source stack and end-user diagramming software. It covers the basic functions like the collaboration feature, the drag-and-drop user interface, and the revision management, etc. A free version is available and you can install it on Windows or Mac OS.

Top Visio 2013 Alternatives draw io


  • The software allows users to easily export to different formats and scale to any size without loss of quality;
  • Aligning basic elements is very fast (e.g. place items side-by-side);
  • Has good integration with, for example, some popular project management tools like Atlassian;


  • It can be tricky to manage or connect the arrows on the drawing board;
  • Users have to log in every time to connect between different platforms;


MyDraw os also included in our Visio 2013 alternatives list. You can create from business diagrams to floor plans with its hundreds of preset shapes and symbols. The starting price is $69 for a one-time user annually. You can use it on Windows or Mac operating systems.

MyDraw user interface


  • The user interface and functions are very similar to Microsoft Visio 2013;
  • Users are able to handle the Gedcom format for family tree diagrams and genealogy;
  • Possible to show a virtual grid for accurate mutual orientation of diagrams;


  • The software might be crashed if you export your file to another format;
  • It may take a bit long time to open the software on Mac OS;


Creately is the 4th option here on our Visio 2013 alternatives list. It is a diagramming tool mainly used for creating flowcharts, organizational charts and mind maps. It is now available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and online. The starting price is $5 per month per user. You need to sign up a free account to use the tool.

Creately user interface


  • For online users no downloads or chaotic security setting required;
  • You can collaborate with up to 20 team members online for your project; Easy to switch between the online and the offline mode;


  • You have to install Adobe Flash for using Creately;
  • The software has very poor integration with its remote versions;


The software is another option on our Visio 2013 alternatives list. If you are looking for a tool to design your website or mobile wireframe, then don’t miss out Slickplan. The starting price is $8.99 per month, and you can also choose to be billed annually. There is a free version for you to download and have a try.

Slickplan user interface


  • The drag-and-drop editor makes it very convenient to update files;
  • It is quick to build large and complex architectures;
  • Simple to collaborate with team members;


  • Limited themes for different styles;

Top Visio 2013 Alternatives Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed in details of all the top recommended Visio 2013 alternatives with their key features, pros, cons and pricing plans. Now, you can pick up the best software for you based on their functionality and your diagramming needs. Free download any of them to have a try right away!

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