Top Visio Alternative Online Tools for Business and Education

Top Visio Alternative Online Tools for Business and Education

As we all know that Microsoft Visio is offline based so you need to download and install it on your device. However, is there any Visio alternative online tools for an ever quicker start for your project? Don’t be panic, in today’s guide we will show you a list of these top tools!

How We Pick up these Visio Alternative Online Tools?

There are so many aspects and factors that we can refer to when we are talking about diagramming tools, but in this article here, we will mainly focus on the following important points:

  • Diagramming Categories – what specific types of diagrams can the tool draw? For business? or for networking diagrams?
  • Integration Options – which platforms can the tool be connected to?
  • User Interface Design – whether the user interface/drawing board is clear and innovative?
  • Collaborations – whether the tool is easy for remote team projects etc.?
  • Unique Feature Compared to other Alternatives –  Is there any more specific functions that the tool can offer?


The Visio alternative online here is based on a drag-and-drop drawing board, and it is mainly for creating software engineering diagrams, floor plans, wireframes, and business diagrams. The collaboration and integration features are also great especially for diagramming beginners. For example, you can add, view, edit and send comments on your file and send it to your teammates. Alternatively, you can connect Gliffy directly to Trello, Basecamp, Jira, and Confluence, etc.

visio alternative online gliffy


Lucidchart is a good Visio alternative online for both diagramming beginners and professional users to build simple and complex diagrams online. Additionally, managers or team leaders can easily be dealing with provisioning, billing, and authentication for their whole department or team. Users can also import and export Visio files within seconds. For remote works, the tool supports view-only for everyone. Its integrations now work well with G Suite, MS Office, Salesforce, and Atlassian.


Visual Paradigm

This Visio alternative online also has a great built-in cloud for you to import files from the cloud to your desktop. Furthermore, if you are looking for enterprise-scale modeling and model traceability analysis, then don’t miss out Visual Paradigm. Some other professional diagrams that this tool can create including ArchiMate 3, BPMN, PEST, Value Chain, PERT Chart, customer journey maps, enterprise architecture diagrams, agile and scrum planning diagrams and more.

visio alternative online Visual pargdigm


You can conveniently use this Visio alternative online tool from anywhere with a wi-fi connection. The built-in presentation mode allows you to showcase your work to teammates in different sizes. What’s more, users can quickly embed their diagrams in a website for Cacoo to automatically update it the next time users open their file. For network diagramming, the tool has an AWS importing option for you to edit and share. Some other integrations including Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Jira.

cacoo user interface


Sketchboard is an infinite web-based whiteboard Visio alternative online for your to present ideas. It is specially designed for drawing software development diagrams and charts. The user interface style is very clear and innovative, leaving as much space as possible for users but with all the key toolbars at the bottom and left-hand side of the drawing board. Moreover, all the preset shapes in this tool can be automatically connected.

visio alternative online tool Sketchboard


So far, we have discussed the top Visio alternative online tools for different diagramming categories. It seems that the majority of online tools highly consider the importance of good integrations and easy collaboration features. Now, feel free to pick up the one that you think fits your needs the best!

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