Visio 365 Alternative Tools: Fast Growing Ones You Should Know

Visio 365 Alternative Tools: Fast Growing Ones You Should Know

Visio 365, which is one of Microsoft diagram software series, is popular for its good design features for daily office uses. Actually, there are some other really good business diagram software with a high price-to-performance ratio. You may not have heard about these names. Don’t worry, let’s check them now together.

Edraw Max

Edraw is a fast-developing brand for different kinds of diagram design. The Visio 365 alternative creator has a series of attractive features for users: the user-friendly dashboard and drawing canvas; rich built-in editable Visio templates alternatives, examples, and Visio symbols alternatives; handy preset pencil and pen drawing tools to create your own elements; good compatibility with MS Visio and many other formats; auto-create options for various theme style and color etc. All these factors benefit users to draw any kinds of business diagram meetings, presentations, and team communications. One weak point is the searching tool for the preset element Library, which might hard for you to find all the related icons quickly.

Visio 365 Alternative Edraw

Free Download
  • Main Features: Many built-in materials; Auto-switch tools; Good compatibility; a Simple user interface
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Price: Free trial available; monthly fee for no more than $8 per user. Non-profit discount available


This Visio 365 alternative has similar flowchart diagram symbols as Microsoft Visio. You can set the drawing board based on tiny squares or blank space. Overall, it is easy for users to drag and drop basic shapes on the canvas. On the other hand, the multi-task aspect of Gliffy sometimes does not work well. As a result, you may feel inconvenient to edit several elements together, for example moving a group of elements onto a new blank box.

Visio 365 Alternative Gliffy

  • Main Features: Plenty of built-in diagram resources; Easy to drag and drop elements
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, web-based
  • Price: $8 per month for a single user


Creately as a Visio 365 alternative tool is for marketers and designers to build new diagrams. The user dashboard is easy to follow. It also has the Comments Feature so you can add feedback and notes to your part of the work on the diagram for the whole team to follow up. However, some of the auto-create tools are not so easy to add many subjects at one time. The team can also add more color options for the preset shapes.

Visio 365 Alternative Creately

  • Main Features: Good Comment Feature for teamwork; Big database for preset elements
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web-based
  • Price: Starts from $49 per year per user


You can generate a wide range of 2D diagram types via the Visio 365 alternative maker. It got initiative user panel for you to easily access templates and options. Such feature did help a lot especially when you are drawing large scale projects. The product could be better if the SmartDraw team improved the built-in Cloud system, as well as adding more exporting choices, like the Visio format.

Visio 365 Alternative SmartDraw

  • Main Features: Wide range of 2d diagram categories; Smart user toolbar
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Price: $300 per user for the Lifetime license


Like the above Visio 365 alternative tools, ConceptDraw also contains lots of contextual images. Users can handle different kinds of predefined solutions for their diagrams. The pro version lets you cooperate with clients easily and share files in different formats. The disadvantage of the software is the importing feature, which can be easier.

Visio 365 Alternative ConceptDraw

  • Main Features: Good contextual resources; Easy-to-use
  • Operating System: Windows and Mac
  • Price: Lifetime license starts from $199

Visio 365 Alternatives Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed the top recommended fast-growing brands for Visio 365 alternatives. Now you can have a general idea about each of their advantages and key features. Visio is not the only name you should look for when exploring new things.

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