Visio Alternative Linux Software: The Unknown Magic One

Visio Alternative Linux Software: The Unknown Magic One

If you are a Linux fan, have you ever tried some great Visio alternative Linux software? In this article we gonna introduce you one of such software for different kinds of diagram design including flowcharts, engineering diagram, network diagrams, floor plans, project management charts and more.

Visio Alternative Linux Software Edraw Max

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 P&ID Visio Alternative Linux Software

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Visio Alternative Linux Software Main Features:

  • Easily export/import Microsoft Visio files to share on different social media platforms.
  • Min requires 1 GB of RAM800 MB of hard disk space, and 1G inter professor on different packages like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo etc.
  • Has a wide range of preset fully editable symbols for designing business diagram, data charts, network diagram, engineering diagram, fashion design, infographic, floor plan design, flowchart, mind maps, org charts and wireframe design and more.
  • A similar user interface as Microsoft Visio for users to quickly add supportive attachments, notes, web links etc.
  • Include many auto-create tools to easily switch between different diagram themes, background colors, connectors types and more.
  • Multi-language based.

Main Features Comparisons with Visio

The Visio alternative Linux software has overall more diagram drawing features than Visio. As you can see below, there are over 10,000 drawing symbols and more than 200 diagram design categories in the alternative one.

Visio Alternative Linux Software features

Main Features Comparisons with Visio

Drawing Types Comparison with Visio

You can draw more charts and forms for data reports, and more flowcharts for different business projects in the Visio alternative Linux software.

Drawing Types Comparison with Visio

Easy Steps to Create Works Based on the Visio Alternative Linux Software

Step 1. Open a Blank Drawing Page

Run the software, go to the File>New and double-click the Blank Drawing icon to start your creation. You can also click any of the preset templates to start straight away.

Step 2. Drag and Drop Built-in Symbols  

You can drag and drop any of the fully editable icons on your drawing board to make further adjustments (change colors, sizes and add text fonts etc.)

Step 3. Draw Your Own Items

Use the preset pencil or pen drawing tools to manually draw your own elements like some cartoon style figures.

Step 4. Stylize Your Work

Set various diagram theme, background colors, layout types for your diagram based on the auto-create options.

Step 5. Save or Export Files

Export your files to different formats include PDF, MS Word, Microsoft Visio, HTML and more in the Visio Alternative Linux software.

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