Visio Fishbone Diagram Alternative: Check out the Impressive Choice

Visio Fishbone Diagram Alternative: Check out the Impressive Choice

Fishbone diagrams are also known as Cause and Effect Diagrams. Nowadays, you can draw based on many diagram design tools like Microsoft Visio. Just wait for a second, have you ever looked for some cheaper Visio fishbone diagram alternatives with easier functions? In this article, we gonna show you some of the most attractive features for drawing fishbones!

Visio Fishbone Diagram Alternative user interface

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Visio Fishbone Diagram Alternative – Drag and Drop Bones

This step is just as how it sounds and it is no easier than directly dragging and dropping any of the built-in branches and the main body to your drawing board. You also don’t need to set additional connecting points for your diagram since you can easily notice all of them while moving around your branch line. Then you can insert a text box at anywhere on the drawing board to add points.

Drag and Drop fishbone symbols

Strengthen Your Lines and Fill in Colors

The Visio fishbone diagram alternative also allows you to freely edit line color, transparency, shade, widths, dash and cap types, rounding sizes and more. For changing colors, you can try options like Solid Fill, Gradient Fill, Pattern Fill and so on.

edit fishbone diagram line

Highlight Your Fishbone Diagram

You can use a series of auto-create tools in the Visio fishbone diagram alternative to conveniently switch between different themes, background colors, text fonts etc.

Highlight Your Fishbone Diagram


The last thing you should do for your fishbone diagram is to share on your SNS accounts like Facebook or Twitter, save on the Personal or Team Cloud, or export to different file formats. You can also choose to review the overall work via the online viewer in different sizes.

export and save fishbone diagram

Wanna Try the Visio Fishbone Diagram Alternative by Yourself?

Simply go for this free download Edraw Max diagram design software. More originally designed fishbone diagram templates and symbols are waiting for you!

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