Latest Visio Flowchart Alternatives for Mac that You Can’t Miss

Latest Visio Flowchart Alternatives for Mac that You Can’t Miss

Are you looking for a Visio flowchart alternative for Mac? Don’t know where to find them? Simply read this article today for all the answer you want!

Visio Flowchart Alternative – Edraw Max

This is a vector-based diagramming software that covers Visio-like features. You can easily create a wide range of flowchart categories like BPMN, data flow, event flow, SDL and many more with editable symbols, built-in templates, and auto-floating connection buttons. The user interface is also similar to Microsoft’s Ribbon. The exporting options are also rich, which include PDF, Html, Word, Visio, PNG, JPG, PPT, EPS, and many other formats.

Edraw Max Visio flowchart alternative for Mac


This Visio flowchart alternative for Mac is data input based with a neat and clear user drawing board. What’s more, this tool is specially designed for different kinds of business analysis process like business operations, software development, marketing, and sales, etc. One more advantage of this tool is: you can immediately find the elements or functions you want by directly typing hashtags in this user interface.

textografo user interface


This Visio flowchart alternative for Mac is especially useful for project managers because the tool can help you to calculate project details, such as task dependencies and more. It also offers a convenient overview of complex flowcharts and a number of built-in templates. The disadvantage is: so far it doesn’t have much manual adjustment of your flowcharts.

ardoq user interface

Calligra Flow

This is a free Visio flowchart alternative developed by the Calligra Suite team. Users can easily find tool options, stencil box elements and more on its innovative user interface. The scriptable symbols are based on Python and it can integrate with some other free online diagramming tools.

calligra flow user interface


This Visio flowchart alternative for Mac has a hand-drawn feature for you to quickly draw neat flowcharts with highly accurate line connections. It also includes a link-sharing function for you to discuss projects. Alternatively, you can choose to integrate straight into Atlassian Confluence pages.

Cacoo user interface

Have a Try Right Now!

So far, we have checked out all the cool Visio flowchart alternatives for Mac with their key advantages. Visio currently doesn’t support the Mac OS so these are indeed great options for you. Which one do you prefer best? Simply go for them and have a try now!

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