Visio Genogram Alternative: How to Create An Genogram with Easy Steps

Visio Genogram Alternative: How to Create An Genogram with Easy Steps

A genogram shows an overall family history with specific symbols to reflect relationships, medical conditions and so on. Usually, genograms are used for identifying potential physical and mental diseases. You can create a genogram by using a pencil, or via a Visio genogram alternative. Here we gonna see together how to do it.

How to Create An Genogram with Visio Genogram Alternative?

Doing Research

This part includes a series of sub-steps: decide your key aim, the total number of generations need to be involved and prepare for family members interviews. You could ask questions about ethnicity, daily drinking hobbies and more. Besides, you should also learn about your own medical history. One more thing is to understand the meaning of each genogram family and emotional relationship symbol.

Start with a Preset Genogram Template

Creating a genogram from the very beginning is not difficult, but you can try an even convenient way: directly using a built-in genogram template with all the necessary details in a Visio genogram alternative.

Visio genogram alternative

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Replace and Edit Default Genogram Symbols

Feel free to customize the premade genogram icons by changing their colors, text fonts, sizes, angles and more. Adding all these symbols is as easy as dragging and dropping them on your drawing canvas of the Visio genogram alternative.

edit genogram symbols

Inserting More Suitable Connections

You can do so by adding new connectors between two family member icons, or directly drag and drop built-in emotional or family relationship elements on your drawing board of the Visio genogram alternative. Either of these two methods is for you to double-check your family interview notes and make sure no important part left out.

add connectors in a genogram

What Should I Do If I Have Done My Work?

You can go for different options: printing your chart with different sizes; exporting to many different file formats like PDF and JPG; storing on the family cloud system, or sharing on your SNS platforms. You can also one-click to see the overall effect of your genogram by simply copying and pasting an online viewer link that generated by the Visio genogram alternative.

share genogram

export genogram

Other Things I Should Keep in Mind?

  • Be aware of your family members’ sensitive personal details.
  • Try to be objective to your findings of family members.
  • Remember to keep all of your interview notes confidentially.
  • Be careful to make assumptions about your family members in terms of mental issues or behaviors.
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