Visio Network Diagram Software Best Alternatives for 2018

Visio Network Diagram Software Best Alternatives for 2018

Website administrators may still prefer Visio Network Diagram software. Actually, there are some quite good alternatives with a higher price-performance ratio. This article will show you the top five recommendations in the category.

1. Edraw Max

As a good Visio network diagram tool alternative, Edraw Max has continuously improved the drawing tools and riched their built-in editable network diagram resources. For example, for the latest Edraw Max 9.1 version, you can enjoy from Amazon Web Services AWS, GCP, Azure, and Cisco along with a wide range of basic network diagram symbols and templates. Furthermore, the software has good compatibility with Visio files, and you can easily change element colors, insert connectors, add supportive materials like notes or attachments from the clear user interface.

Visio Network Diagram software alternative edraw

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Price: Free trial available; monthly fee for up to $8 per user. Non-profit discount available.
Free Download

2. Gliffy

This Visio network diagram creator alternative has similar symbols as Visio’s. The overall operation is as easy as dragging and dropping the element you preferred on your work. You are also free to set the drawing canvas in small or large sizes. Moreover, it makes your team collaboration convenient via the live sharing feature.

Visio Network Diagram software alternative gliffy

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, web-based
  • Price: $8 per month for a single user

3. Lanflow

Lanflow, as another Visio network diagram software alternative, is specifically designed for creating network schematics. The simple-design user interface allows users move, rename or connect network symbols with connectors. You can also do further edits, such as defining a single line weight or insert clip art to rich your content.

Visio Network Diagram software alternative

  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • Price: Free Trial available; Full version for a single user starts from $99

4. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw, which has a similar MS Windows-style user interface, covers lots of options for the average users. For instance, you can set database or edit the vectors from basic to complex projects in this Visio network diagram maker alternative. However, it would be better if the team could add more exporting or sharing options in different graphics formats.

Visio network diagram tool alternative LibreOffice Draw

  • Operating Systems: Windows and Mac
  • Price: Free Trial available

5. LucidChart

Lucidchart helps you in organizing any single part or ideas for your projects. The Visio network diagram alternative tool offers you a clean and innovative interface to draw elements. Once finished your registration for the free trial version, a built-in resources library with hundreds of network diagram examples and symbols is available to you. Besides, LucidChart integrates well with Google Drive for users to access files at any locations.

visio network diagram tool alternative LucidChart

  • Operating Systems: Web-based
  • Price: Version for a single user starts from $5

Which is Your Best Visio Network Diagram Tool Alternative?

So far, we have discussed a series of effective Visio alternatives for network diagrams. The rich network templates and symbols from would gonna spark your ideas. Hopefully, you can reach a final decision for your favorite one after checking all the aforementioned names. Visio is indeed powerful, but it’s time to explore more possibilities especially for those who work in small or middle-sized business.

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