Visio Pro Alternatives: Great Choices for Your Business and Life

Visio Pro Alternatives: Great Choices for Your Business and Life

Microsoft Visio is a helpful tool for drawing various diagram types. However, have you ever considered about some other great Visio Pro alternatives at a lower price with a good price-performance ratio? Don’t worry, let’s see some popular ones right now.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is an overall convenient Visio Pro alternative that has a huge amount of editable built-in diagram design resources like Visio symbols, marks, Visio templates alternatives and examples. The software also covers a wide range of diagram design categories such as infographics, flowcharts, data charts, business diagrams, or even professional floor plan and network diagrams. Besides, you can choose from a series of auto-create tools for different theme and colors, or draw your own elements by using the preset pencil or pen tool. One more benefit is that Edraw has good compatibility with Visio Pro.

Visio Pro Alternatives Edraw Max

Free Download

  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Price: Free trial available; monthly fee up to $9 per user. Academic discount available.


Piktochart is another good Visio Pro alternative especially for infographics, presentations, banners design and more. It has many colors schemes and premade graphical elements for you to conveniently drag and drop on your drawing canvas. You can also easily share any of your diagrams on your SNS platforms by using an HTML code. Alternatively, you can select the online Presentation option to double-check your work.

Visio Pro Alternatives Piktochart

  • Operating System: Web-based
  • Price: Monthly full version starts from $12.5 per user.


ConceptDraw as a Visio Pro alternative includes a large number contextual images. The software lets you deal with various kinds of diagram types, for example, the green flowchart one as shown in the below image. Furthermore, ConceptDraw is a great choice for brainstorming with your teammates or clients and then you can generate files in different formats.

Visio Pro Alternatives ConceptDraw

  • Operating System: Windows and Mac
  • Price: Lifetime license starts from $199 per user


The software overall works great with the Google Chrome with an easy set-up process. Once installed successfully, you can quickly find any essential features for different kinds of diagrams, like flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts and mind maps. Like Edraw Max, Gliffy requires no professional drawing skills or experiences. Therefore, users only need to know how to drag and add items or arrows etc.

Visio Pro Alternatives Gliffy

  • Platform: Windows, Mac, and Web-based
  • Price:$4.99-$7.99 per month per user


Venngage is a professional infographics design software. The Visio Pro alternative is very easy to operate based on many weekly updated templates, icons, themes etc. Alternatively, you can import files directly from the external spreadsheet. Venngage also has useful automatic alignment features and convenient sharing options on your blogs and so on.

Visio Pro Alternatives Venngage  Mac

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Price: Full versions start from $19 per month per user

Which is Your Favorite Visio Pro Alternative?

The guide has offered a number of fast-growing brands for Visio Pro alternatives. Surely you would find the best one to fit your needs in different diagram design categories. Wanna have a try right now? Just click the free download link for a quick start.

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