Visio Shapes Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide to Popular Ones

Visio Shapes Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide to Popular Ones

Visio shapes currently cover a wide range of categories, such as flowchart diagram, network diagram, data chart or some general shapes. However, have you ever checked out some Visio shapes alternatives those you can quickly drag and drop on the drawing canvas? Today, we gonna explore some of the editable cheaper Visio shapes alternatives.

Flowchart Visio Shapes Alternatives

In this category, you can find many symbols for designing flowcharts. For example, the popular Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) shapes for different kinds of business projects. Feel free to edit and sort according to the various color patterns.

Visio Shapes Alternatives to flowcharts

3D Visio Shapes Alternatives

Arrow Shapes are also quite helpful in doing programs for both educational and business purposes. You can use them for various types of infographics to rich your content.

Visio Shapes Alternatives to arrow shapes

Network Diagram Symbols

You can also find lots of network diagram symbols in some good Visio alternatives, like the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cisco Network Products and more.

Visio Shapes Alternatives to network diagram

Wireframe Design Icons

These Visio shapes alternatives are especially for wireframe design projects for both desktop and mobile applications. Your team can check out together the final result on multi-platform operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Visio Shapes Alternatives to wireframe

Why Not Try Some Technology Symbols?

Here are the most popular topics for advanced technology. You can find a rich amount of Visio shapes alternatives include smart devices and Artificial intelligence (AI).

Visio Shapes Alternatives to tech

General Office Visio Shapes Alternatives

These ones are mainly for business subjects, like marketing, finance, business strategy and project management etc. Each of them can be used for teamwork projects or presentations.

Visio Shapes Alternatives to business uses

Data Visualization Symbols

These icons are for generating different data charts quickly. The top types of charts cover from general line charts to more professional spider charts. Just drag and drop any of these elements on your drawing canvas to directly edit based on them.

visio symbols alternatives to data charts

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