Visio Swimlane Diagram Alternative – What is it and How to Create it?

Visio Swimlane Diagram Alternative – What is it and How to Create it?

Visio swimlane diagrams are helpful for users to undertake business projects. However, have you ever consider trying some other great Visio alternatives to do so? In today’s article, we will explore more about the swimlane diagram and how to create one with a Visio alternative software.

What is a Swimlane Diagram?

The swimlane diagram clearly shows the daily operations of a department. In the vertical direction, it shows functional departments, while in the horizontal direction it displays roles. The drawing process of a swimlane diagram is similar to a traditional flow chart. Here is a swimlane diagram example that shows you the hiring process of a company.

visio swimlane diagram alternative template

Why Use a Swimlane Diagram?

A swimlane chart can efficiently show the well-organized activities within a department or a company according to employees’ responsibilities. Such activities are divided into different areas separated by lines, and that’s why they been called as swimming lanes. Swimlane diagrams can also describe all kinds of business processes and the logical relationships between the activities of the system easily.

How to Create a Visio Swimline Diagram Alternative?

Simply follow these steps to create your own swimlane diagrams even without professional drawing skills.

Step 1 – Open a Diagram Software

Open the easy flowchart maker and go to Flowchart > Cross Functional Vertical. Double-click the icon to open a blank drawing board or feel free to choose a preset Visio swimlane diagram template to start drawing.

visio swimlane diagram software alternative

Step 2 – Edit Swimlanes in Your Diagram

Now, you can drag and drop the built-in Visio swimlane alternative from the left-hand libraries to your drawing board. You can also add, delete, rename, or adjust the width and the length of your swimlanes.

edit swimlane

Step 3 – Add Shapes and Connect Elements

Again drag and drop preset shapes or symbols on your swimlanes, connect them with different types of connectors (straight lines or curved lines etc.), insert new descriptions. Furthermore, you can change more details (e.g. the cap type, the dash type, the rounding size etc.) of the connectors.

 add and connect shapes

Step 4 – Customize the Theme

If you are unhappy with the default swimlane diagram theme/background image/watermark/colors, you can change it by using the auto-create tools as shown below:

change swimlane diagram theme

Step 5 – Save/Print/Export/Share

Finally, you can print files, one-click share them on SNS platforms, save them on the built-in team or personal cloud, or export them to different formats including JPG, PDF, MS Office, Html, SVG, and MS Visio.

export swimlane diagrams

Wanna Have a Try with the Visio Swimlane Diagram Alternative?

Just go to this flowchart maker guide for more info. and download for free to create your own swimlane diagrams right away!

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