Visio Symbols: Where Could I Find More Useful Alternatives

Visio Symbols: Where Could I Find More Useful Alternatives

What Are Visio Symbols?

Visio symbols are created by the Microsoft company for Windows users. So far, such symbols have covered a number of topics, like the Audit Diagram, Baic Flowchart, Business Data Diagram, Fault Tree Analysis Diagram etc. Basically, you can create business projects based on these ones.

However, have you ever looked at more options? Visio software is mainly for its Flowchart features and elements, but in reality, there are a huge amount of potential applications for diagram design. Let’s explore some of the originally designed Visio symbols alternatives right now.

BPMN Shapes

The BPMN Shapes refer to the Business Process Model and Notation elements. BPMN is generally used in business models to present business processes. You can see a list of detailed BPMN symbols below include straight lines, squares, circles, tables, arrows and so on. Compared to Visio BPMN icons, these new Visio alternative ones are more clear to identify and sort according to their color patterns.

BPMN shapes

Arrow Shapes with 3D Effects

The Arrow Shapes are also very important in terms of showing business reports and key concepts. Here are some of the arrow alternatives for Visio symbols. A number of them are even in 3D effects for advanced diagram design.

arrow shapes

Business Visio Symbols Alternatives

These are part of the symbols for business uses, such as digital marketing, business strategy, finance and accounting, project management etc. Each of them has specific meaning for your presentation or teamwork projects.

business visio symbols alternatives

Social Media Visio Symbols Alternatives

These are the symbols for social media applications for both online and offline. The majority of dominant SNS platforms logos are included in the right-hand side diagram.

Visio Symbols alternatives for social media

Technology Symbols

As we all know that the current hot advanced technology topics are mainly about smart devices, internet of things and Artificial intelligence (AI). The Visio symbols alternatives for technology field cover from consumer electronics to automatic robots.

visio symbols alternatives for technology

People Characters Symbols

These Visio symbols for people characters have wide uses in, for example, organizational charts, flowchart diagrams, or network diagrams. Each of these icons represents a single role, like a programmer, online user, manager etc.

Visio Symbols alternatives for people characters

Data Charts Visio Symbols Alternatives

These icons are specifically for data charts and data visualization. You can choose from lines, bars, pies, scatter lines, doughnuts, and spider chart element etc. All of these resources are editable so it could save you a lot of time.

visio symbols alternatives for charts

Network Diagram Symbols

Here are the icons for network projects: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cisco Network Products, Rack diagram, Basic Video and Audio Ports, 3D Network diagram and so on.

visio symbols alternatives for network diagram

Wireframe Elements for New Products

These symbols are welcomed by product managers for the development of software, mobile applications, and websites. You can quickly drag and drop any of these icons to check the overall UI/UX result with your design team. Operating systems of these symbols cover Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

visio symbols alternatives for wireframe

Wanna Create Your Diagram by Using Visio Symbols Alternatives Right Now?

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